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Our primary mission in the School of Mathematics and Science is to provide quality educational programs taught by qualified faculty in a manner, setting, and time frame, supportive of student success.

We serve students, fulfilling their general education requirements for transfer to four-year institutions as well as students completing prerequisite courses for various vocational programs. Our programs offer courses that satisfy requirements in both the California State University and University of California systems.

The School of Mathematics and Science offers degree programs in Biology, Chemistry, Drafting, Earth Science, Engineering, Geography, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Physics. The School additionally supports certificate programs, including certificates in both Drafting and Geographic Information Systems.

Our Math Success Center provides our students foundation support. The Center supports instruction in Mathematics and other disciplines incorporating non-traditional methods (i.e. tutoring, directed learning activities, and others) that provide students with the opportunity to develop skills that will enhance their ability to succeed.





STEM Summer
Faculty Workshop

Currently Accepting Applications!

Apply to participate in the STEM Summer Faculty Workshop! This workshop enables participants to engage as scholar-educators throughout each day’s curriculum. These sessions focus on practical and concrete strategies that instructors can use with students. We are looking to host up to 30 participants with 10 hours of professional learning opportunities designed to create a sustained learning environment! Sponsored by the Title III HSI STEM Grant and the STEM Academy. 

Deadline to submit application: June 2, 2017 by 2PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Krysten Audibert at ext. 6432, Angela Burkherrick at ext. 6409, or Melissa Sakoonphong at ext. 6209.

Apply Now!



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