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Chaffey ^ College
Honors Program

Eligibility Requirements for the Honors Program

College Requirements

  • A 3.2 GPA overall and 12 transferable units (courses 1-99) at Chaffey College

Must also satisfy ONE of the following requirements:

  • Two letters of reference from college faculty members
  • or
  • A nomination by a Chaffey College faculty member
  • Must be registered with 12 units

High School Requirements

  • An unweighted 3.2 high school GPA

Must also satisfy ONE of the following requirements:

  • Two letters of reference from high school
  • A combined SAT score of 1000 or above or ACT score of 26 or higher
  • The successful completion of three advanced placement (AP) classes in high school with a grade of “B” or better
  • Must be registered for 12 units at Chaffey College for upcoming semester
  • Program Completion Requirements

    • Submission of an Intent to Complete application
    • Enrollment in a minimum of two semesters
    • Maintenance of a GPA of 3.2 or better
    • Completion of 54 hours of on campus service or community service
    • Completion of 18 units in honors classes and contracts with a "B" or better
    • Completion of an associate degree or fulfillment of admissions requirements to a four-year institution

    standing group


    Honors Program Staff

    Julie Song

    Dotty Nevarez
    Administrative Assistant II

    Committee Members

    Ardon Alger
    Monica Carter
    Sean Connelly
    Ryan Falcioni
    Anthony Guaracha
    Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma
    Michele Jenkins
    Marc Meyer
    Robert Nazar
    Cynthia Parker
    Cory Schwartz
    Carrie Veazey
    Dan Loomis
    Laura Picklesimer




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