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Student Resources

This site has a variety of online ESL learning activities and links. It also allows students to chat with other English learners.

It also offers some teaching jobs like for ESL students, world dictionary, and some links for learning other languages like Spanish, Italian, French and others. It has an online student bookstore, ESL reading Library, ESL grammar quizzes, and ESL News. So, it is great for ESL students.

Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe

This is a great website for all ESL learners. It has a variety of activities, links and resources for ESL students.

It has chat central, bookstore, learning new languages, how to teach English, quotes, quizzes, Job Center, Pronunciation Power, help center, photo gallery and other helpful links to ESL students.

English Daily

This website had great links for ESL students like downloading English books, learning American Slang expressions, and English grammar. Also, it has fun activities like chatting and some activities to how to learn English.

English Forum

This website has a lot of general resources for students, including a message board, interactive exercises, and school guides. It can be kind of confusing as there is a lot of information. Also, it has information about English language schools in the USA, Canada, and others. It also has some extra links for teachers. It has a web dictionary. It has an online shopping, but it is not helpful for ESL students.

ESL Gold

This website offers hundreds of pages of resources on listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, TOEFL prep, quizzes and more, all categorized by skill level. It also has some links for teachers like handouts, textbook recommendations, tips for teaching, lesson plans and ideas, teacher resources, and supplementary materials.

English Jet

This website offers free resources for students and teachers of English like books, dictionaries, E-books, examinations, newspapers, and translations. It also has free test to find your level in English and a special link for teachers.

English Study Direct

This website offers comprehensive links to various resources for students learning English, including links to language activities, language testing, and useful web tools. It also has dictionaries, translators, general reference e.g. grammar, quotations etc.

The ESP-EFL British Civilisation Home Page

This website offers lots of resources for learning English and close to 2000 exercises. It has some online dictionary and other useful links to other languages.

The Internet TESL Journal

It has lots of useful links to ESL students such as tests, quizzes, listening, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, reading, and more. It also has some activities for ESL students.

The Kent State University ESL OWL

This website offers a number of resources for ESL help such as Kent State Universityĺs ESL OWL (Online Writing Lab) and an Electronic Writing Center for International Writers. It also has a Department of English.

Marie Nuzzi's ESL Page links

It is a great compilation of ESL-related resources and websites to help ESL students and the teachers.

Ohio ESL: English Student Resources

Has many categories of resources for ESL students such as grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary. It also has some fun learning activities like audio, and video.

ESL Partyland

This website has over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums, interactive lessons on a variety of topics, a chat room, and great links to other websites.

Using English

It has resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers. It has online tests and quizzes that are useful for ESL students.

A Glossary of Grammar Terms

It has helpful links for ESL students who are looking for Glossary of English Grammar Terms. It also has dictionaries and more resources for teachers as well.


Has a site devoted to grammar basics and definitions of grammatical terms. It also has punctuation, spelling, and writing activities.

Edufind's Online English Grammar

It has useful resources for ESL students such as adjectives, adverbs, and determiners.

Paul Brians Common Errors in English Site

Has a comprehensive list of errors in English usage and advice for how to avoid them. It is helpful for Students to learn the Common Errors in English.

A 30 Unit Online Spelling Course

It has a free online spelling course and spelling lessons. It is helpful for students who need to improve their spelling and grammar.

Everyday English

It has some useful lessons and quizzes for ESL students.

A Word a Day

It has audio files so that you can hear the way the word is pronounced.

Word Surfing

This website offers vocabulary learning strategies for students of all ages.

Remittag's Word A Day

This site has lots of helpful links for ESL students such as quizzes, vocabulary, and jokes.

English Vocabulary Guide

It is an excellent site that helps you to learn the pronunciation and spelling of thousands of words. It also has some writing resources.'s ESL Reading Resources site

This website offers links to sites that help ESL readers at all levels such as tests, quizzes, lessons, vocabulary, grammar, reading skills, and more.

Better English

This website offers free online exercises and quizzes as well as a mailing list for teachers and students.

Boggle's World

Has lots of resources, including crosswords, flashcards, and word searches. It also has online grammar tutorials, and special links to writing skills.

The ENA ESL site

This site cannot be found.

English Forums

It is a great place to learn and discuss the English language with help from professional teachers. Topics include Business English letter writing, Medical English and student chit chat.

ESL Game

This website offers games to help beginners (and children) learn the rules of English phonics and practice reading.

English Student

Has some free games, quizzes and puzzles that you can play online.


This website offers resources for students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

Free English

This website offers free English games and software for download. It is a fun and helpful site for ESL students.

Free English Games

This website offers free games in English. It has cool games to help ESL students with their English skills.

Guide to English Phonetic System: Learn IPA Sounds in Phonetics:

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

It has excellent online games, including Hangman and Word search. It requires Flash plug in. It has cool activities to help ESL students with their English.

Nada's ESL Island

This website offers various free materials for teachers and students, and organized links and resources on ESL.

Offshore English

It is an ESL site from New Zealand, contains online lessons, games and activities for teachers and students. It has useful links such as listening, tests, vocabulary, and more.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This website offers free audio and video quizzes (including related software) for all levels of English learners and it has other links to other listening sites.

Real English

This website offers free interactive lessons for free to download.

Internet TESL Journal's Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students

This site offers self-study quizzes for ESL students including grammar and vocabulary quizzes.

The English Learner Website

It has tests, games, jokes, and puzzles, plus a free weekly newsletter, and a special link to test your English.


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