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Name Title (or Room) Extension Name Title Extension
RECEPTION DESK   8001 Economic Development    
      Lobby Main 7752
Dean's Office CHMB 127 8007      
Dr. Teresa Hull Dean 8007 CHINO IT CENTER
Rosanna Morales Educational Program Assistant 8008 Name Title (or Room) Extension
Elizabeth Villasano Administrative Assistant II 8006 FAX IT Center Staff Lounge 7655
FAX   8009 Economic Development CHTC 114  
      Debbie Smith Community Training Coordinator 7641
Admissions CHMB 122 8100 Sandra Sisco Corporate Business Development 7642
Debbie Christensen Educational Services Generalist 8103 Jeanette Guignard Coordinator of Vocational Education Grant 7644
Jason Cramer Educational Services Generalist 8104 Roanne Holliman Grants and Contracts Liaison Assistant 7643
Ruben Flores Educational Services Generalist 8106 Sarah Connors Workforce Training Institute Contact 7659
FAX   8110 Vikkie Pappas Counselor 7645
      Luz Pennock-Garcia Placement Specialist 7644
Assessment CHMB 121D 8130 Irene Gershwiller Short Term Worker 7664
Valeen Gonzales Program Assistant   Maurice Bowers Short Term Worker 7651
Bookstore CHMB 149 8170      
  Bookstore Accounting Assistant 8171 Instructors Assigned to Chino (F/T)    
Lyly Bird Bookstore Accounting Assistant 8171 Louis Pascal Instructor, Industrial Electrical Technology 7657
      James Kerr Instructor, CIS 7660
Campus Police CHMB 142 8333      
Anthiony Munoz Officer 8333 CHINO COMMUNITY CENTER
Audrey Francis Officer   Executive Chef Title Extension
GPS Center CHMB 240   Mark Forde Instructor, Hospitality Management CHCM-103E 8202
Michelle Martinez Counselor 8125 Maria Kort Event Booking 6182
Lucy Serrano Counselor 8121      
Denise Cedillos Program Assistant 8120 Mark Duhon Instructoral Assistant IV 8203
Jacob Peck DPS Counselor 6379 Name Title (or Room) Extension
      Vocational Nursing Program    
EOPS CHMB 121   Shelley Eckvahl Instructor, Vocational Nursing - CHHC 214E 8217
Rosalia Ibarra EOPS Counselor 8123 Jayne Clark Director / Instructor, Vocational Nursing - CHHC 214C 8218
Edna Chavez Program Assistant 8122 Candice Piper Instructor, Vocational Nursing - CHHC 214D 8219
      Michael Escobosa Coordinator, Instructor, Vocational Nursing - CHHC 214F 8221
Financial Aid CHMB 122   Alice Soto Administrative Assistant II - CHHC 212 8215
Angela Arciniega Financial Aid Advisor 8140   I  
  Program Assistant 8141 FAX Health Science Department 8223
Hospitality Management CHCM -206B 8027 FAX Health Science Instructor Offices 8216
Dr. Daniel Bentum Insbuecta, HM Professor Hospitality Management 8027      
Information Technology Services CHMB 104        
Johnny Carpenter Technical Support Specialist 6789      
Instructors Assigned to Chino (F/T)          
Sarah Cotton Instructor, Biology 8012      
Karen Encinas Coordinator, Instructor, Fashion Design and Merchandising,
Interior Design, Hotel and Food Service Management
Dr. Tim Greene Instructor, History 8014      
Mark Gutierrez Instructor, Math 8018      
Shannon Jessen Instructor, Biology 8021      
Erik Jacobson Instructor, Theatre Arts 8023      
Robert Nazar Instructor, English 8013      
Laurie Pratt Instructor, Communication Studies 8024      
Melissa Utsler Instructor, English 8026      
Judith Weingartner Instructor, Reading 8019      
Library CHMB 144 8115      
William Araiza Librarian 8115      
Felicia Xa Library Clerk II        
Student Health Services CHMB 144 8190      
Pamela Bundalian Registered Nurse 8190      
Multi-Discplinary Success Center CHMB 145 8150      
Tom Vitzelio Instructional Specialist 8152      
Hannah Diaz Instructional Assistant IV 8151      
  Instructional Assistant II 8150      
Levi Pineda Instructional Assistant IV 8161      
Hank Wiersma Instructional Assistant II 8150      

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