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Chaffey College is grateful to the citizens of our district for passing Measure L on March 5, 2002. The passage of this $230,000,000 measure will fund the college Facilities Master Plan.

Facilities Master Plan

The Chaffey College Facilities Master Plan is a collection of projects and ideas that are ever-developing and serve as a framework within which other projects are built. The latest assessment report has identified a variety of projects that need immediate and long-term attention. This assessment has been folded into a master plan that will provide the college with improved and expanded facilities and resources over the next ten to twelve years.

A proposed site plan, to be developed over 10-12 years (Reload the page to view the movie again).

New Facilities Needs

The college has been working with the architectural firm of tBP/Architecture (tBP) since February 2001 to prepare a master plan for the campus. 3D/International (3D/I) held a number of meetings with District staff and tBP to review that draft plan and to identify additional necessary projects. The results of this intensive study are shown in the list below.

The Facilities Master Plan is available for download as a PDF document.


GROUP 1   New Construction
1.1   Science Complex
1.2   Instructional Building A
1.3   Instructional Building B
1.4   Visual and Performing Arts Complex
1.5   Athletics Complex
1.6   Maintenance Relocation
1.7   Warehouse Relocation
GROUP 2   Major Remodel/Renovation
2.1   Student Services / Administration
2.2   Campus Center West
2.3   Physical Education
GROUP 3   Major Renovation/Use Change
3.1   Life Science West
3.2   Life Science East
3.3   Physical Science (SW Quadrant)
3.4   Theatre
3.5   Campus Center East
3.6   Art
3.7   Fashion/Consumer Studies
3.8   Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art
3.9   Health Science
3.10   Vocational Education
GROUP 4   Renovation
4.1   Aeronautics
4.2   Auto Tech Lab
4.3   Business Education
4.4   Information Services
4.5   Language Arts
4.6   Library
4.7   Physical Science (NE, NW, SE Quadrant)
4.8   Planetarium
4.9   Skills labs
4.10   Social Science
4.11   Wargin Hall
4.12   Renovation Special Projects
GROUP 5   Site Improvements
5.1   Amber Lane Loop
5.2   Campus Front Door
5.3   Wilson / Magnolia Entry
5.4   Chaffey Quad
5.5   Soccer Fields
5.6   North Parking Lots
5.7   Other Site Improvements Allowance
5.8   Site Signage
5.9   Utilities/Infrastructure/Civil
GROUP 6   Other
6.1   E.I.R.
6.2   Swing Space
6.3   Satellite Centers Expansion and Renovation
6.4   Refinance Lease/Purchase Equipment and Construction
6.5   Instructional Equipment
6.6   Site Acquisition
GROUP 7   Other
7.1   Second Campus Initial Phase


The projects have been organized into seven different groupings as indicated above. The first group of seven projects deals with the planned new projects. The second group expands and modernizes three existing deficient buildings. The third group of ten projects renovates and modernizes existing buildings for new uses. The fourth group of 12 projects completes needed renovations on the remainder of the existing Chaffey campus facilities whose use remains unchanged. The fifth group of nine projects is for site related projects, new roads, parking, site signage, infrastructure, etc. The sixth group is for the EIR, swing space, satellite center expansion and renovation, site acquisition and refinance of lease/purchase of equipment and construction. Group seven covers the initial phase of a second campus proposed in the southwestern part of the district.

Rev. 12/1/10

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