Invisible Trajectories

On Bicycle: Alta Loma to Upland and Back

“…the study of our reaction to motion along a prescribed path can help us understand the social and aesthetic development of early man. It can also reintroduce the human and emotional response to every journey we take, even if it is on a superhighway.”
--John Brinkerhoff Jackson, “Roads Belong in the Landscape”

“The rhythms of the city are the coordinates through which inhabitants and visitors frame and order the urban experience. They city’s multi-temporality, from bodily and clock rhythms to school patterns and the flows of traffic, need not be read as a loss of control as some influential commentators claim.”
--Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift, Cities: Reimagining the Urban

On Friday, June 23rd, Deena and I left the Alta Loma studio, with our bicycles on the Jeep’s back rack, and headed up Haven Ave in Rancho Cucamonga to Carrari. We parked the Jeep at Teri and Chris Carlson’s, took the bikes off of the rack, and pedaled off to find Chris at American Towing Alliance in Upland.

We made our way down Carrari Street, turned right onto Hillside, and a few minutes later, turned left onto Beryl at Heritage Park. We then took Beryl to all the way down to 19th St. and turned right onto it. Deena and I followed that to San Antonio, crossing over Foothill (Route 66) and then moving through a system of strip-mall parking lots until we came to Chris’s office.
It was about 100 degrees. Damn hot.

Chris gave us a short, but very detailed, explanation of his company. American Towing Alliance acts as dispatching/billing entity that streamlines the towing and billing process for trucking companies all over the U.S. Chris pulled up a map on his computer desktop showing the various towing partners positioned all over the country. As we sat in his office, sweating from the short downhill ride, it was unusual to be contemplating a map of the nation after planning such a short jaunt through the border regions of two municipalities.

We imagined trucks breaking down in Ohio as his staff talked on phones in the other room planning spatial and financial transactions.
After a little informal chit-chat, Chris changed into his cycling outfit and we filled our water bottles. Five minutes later we were back on the road.

We followed Chris onto Foothill and made a left onto San Antonio. He turned right on to 15th and we followed him to Euclid, which we took to 19th. After making a right, we rode through the Kohl’s shopping center, and back onto 19th. A smart little detour. We pedaled on to Sapphire and then made our way on the bike path through Heritage Park. Making a left onto Hermosa, we followed that to Vista Grove, a quick left onto Haven (required some heavy pedaling) and then a left onto Carrari. We pulled into their drive, put the bikes in their garage, changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool. The water was wonderful.