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The degree information listed here is provided as a convenient reference and is subject to change. Refer to the Programs of Study section of the current college catalog.

To obtain an Associate's Degree, students must complete both the major requirements below and the graduation requirements.

Major Requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree
red box ECON 2 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
red box ECON 4 Principles of Microeconomics 3

Plus four units from the following:
red box ECON 8 History of Economic Ideas 3
red box ECON90A* Economics Honors Seminar 1
red box BUS61 Introduction to Global Business 3

Plus a minimum of 15 units from the following, including courses from at least three different disciplines:
red box Accounting 1A Financial Accounting 4
red box ACCTGFS465 Financial Accounting for the Non-Accounting Major 3
red box ANTHRO3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
red box BUS10 Introduction to Business 3
red box BUS28A Business Law I 3
red box BUS49 Business Decisions Using Basic Quantitative Tools 3
red box BUS61*** Introduction to Global Business 3
red box BUS410 International Business Law 3
red box COMSTD72 Logic and Argumentation 3
red box CIS1 Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3
red box ECON1 Introduction to Economics 3
red box ECON8 *** History of Economic Ideas 3
red box ECON90A *** Economics Honors Seminar 1
red box GEOG10 Cultural Geography of North America 3
red box HIST2 World History: 1500 to Present 3
red box HIST6 Modern Western Civilizations 3
red box HIST17 United States History through 1877 3
red box HIST18 United States History from 1865 3
red box HIST20 Contemporary History of the United States from 1945-Present 3
red box PHIL70 Introduction to Philosophy 3
red box MATH65A Calculus I 4
red box PS1 American Politics 3
red box PS2 Introduction to Political Science 3
red box PS7 International Relations 3
red box PS10 Comparative Politics 3
red box PSYCH65 Social Psychology 3
red box RE60 Real Estate Finance 3
red box SCSCI10 Statistics for Social Science 4
red box STAT10 Elementary Statisti 4
red box Introduction to Sociology 3
Total uniots for the major:

* maximum of 4 times

Rev. 11/8/12

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