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Mathematics Degree Information

The Mathematics major provides students with sufficient understanding of mathematical concepts, skills,
and applications to attain upper-division status in mathematics at a four-year college or university

Major requirements for the Associate in Science Degree: Units
MATH 65A Calculus I 4
MATH 65B Calculus II 4
MATH 75 Calculus III 5
A minimum of 7 units from List A and List B, with at least 4 units from List A  
List A:    
MATH 81 Linear Algebra 4
MATH 85 Differential Equations 4
LIST B:    
CISPROG 1 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
ENGIN 30 Engineering Application of Digital Computation 3
PHYS 45 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I 5
STAT 10 Elementary Statistics 4
Total units for the major: 20 - 22
Plus CSU General Education or IGETC 38

Plus transfer-level course electives (as needed)

0 - 2
Total units required for the degree 60


Rev. 8/31/16

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