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February 5, 2016

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Honors Contract Guidelines:
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Exemplars of Honors Contracts:
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  Traditional Contract exemplar 2

Honors Contract Form:

Honors Program Newsletter:
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      Fall 2015
      Spring 2015
      Fall 2014
      Fall 2013
      Spring 2013
      Fall 2012
      Spring 2012
      Fall 2011
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Research Paper Guidelines

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Chaffey Symposium and Honors Transfer Council of California UCI Conference
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The Honors Program provides an intellectual and cultural community for all capable and motivated students at Chaffey College. This is accomplished through providing smaller classes, creative and challenging coursework, academic enrichment activities, and scholarships. Students also have opportunities for presentations at scholarly conferences, building social responsibility in community service, and ongoing personalized academic advisement and support during the transfer process. Chaffey College is a participating member in the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Western Regional Honors Council, and the Honors Transfer Council of California.

Program Benefits

redbox Intellectually challenging curriculum
redbox Small classes that encourage creative interaction
redbox Dynamic professors interested in enriching students’ academic experience
redbox Participation in local, state, and national research conferences
redbox Opportunities to publish original work in honors journals
redbox University library access and invitations to special events
redbox Scholarships and internships available upon application and verification of honors program status
redbox Distinctive transcript notations indicating the honors course and grade
redbox Certificate of completion of the honors program and acknowledgment at a special graduation ceremony
redbox Honors transfer agreements with designated universities guaranteeing priority consideration or acceptance

All students graduating from the Honors Program must fill out an exit survey.
The survey consists of seventeen questions. Your performance on the survey will never be matched to your name or I.D. number, but please try to answer each question as best as you can.
Click here to take the survey.



Honors Program Staff

Julie Song

Dotty Nevarez
Administrative Assistant II

Committee Members

Ardon Alger
Kevin Cameron
Monica Carter
Sean Connelly
Ryan Falcioni
Leona Fisher
Anthony Guaracha
Melissa Harman
Laura Hope
Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma
Michele Jenkins
Richard May
Marc Meyer
Robert Nazar
Jean Oh
Cynthia Parker
Cory Schwartz
Susan Starr
Carrie Veazey
Dan Loomis
Celeste Mor




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