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Nursing ADN: Associate Degree in Nursing

Nursing ADN
Associate Degree in Nursing

Application Process

The application process for the ADN program is initiated by downloading the application form (see link below). Application forms for admission to the ADN program must be submitted between September 1-30 or March 1-31. Should there be more qualified applicants than spaces available, students meeting the criteria will be accepted based on the number of degree applicable courses completed. If qualified students are not accepted they will need to reapply the following year. Only coursework completed prior to application to the ADN program will be considered in the selection process. Information about the minimum requirements that must be completed prior to receiving the application for the ADN program must be obtained at an Information Session (see home page for dates and times).

Applicants to the ADN program must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a high school graduate or have passed the GED, or have passed the High School Proficiency Examination.

2. Provide official transcripts from other colleges attended.

3. Complete related nursing or biological science (physiology and microbiology) courses, which the student is applying toward the ADN course requirements, within the last five years.

4. Earn a minimum 3.0 GPA in all degree applicable college work completed.

5. Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, and English 1A, must be completed at the time of application and the composite GPA for these courses must be a minimum of 2.80.


1. Prior to admission to the ADN program, students must demonstrate physical and emotional health as determined by health examination (Health form provided upon acceptance to the program) and by passing both a criminal background check and drug screening.

2. In order to continue in the ADN program, students must earn a minimum grade of C in all nursing and other required courses.

3. The college does not provide transportation to clinical facilities.

4. Students with prior nursing education should refer to the Advanced Placement Program.

5. The nursing program must be completed within five (5) years of admission.

6. Effective Fall 2007, students must pass a diagnostic assessment test (TEAS) prior to program enrollment. Students who fail to achieve a passing score will be required to complete additional pre-nursing course work.


California state legislation requires Chaffey College's Associate Degree Nursing Program's selected applicants to take and pass a Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS, version 5.0) exam to assess readiness of students entering the program in Math, English, Reading and Science. Acceptance into the ADN program is provisional upon passing the TEAS test.

Provisionally accepted applicants must score a minimum cumulative score of 62% to be eligible to enter the program. Students who do not score at least 62% will be required to complete remediation and retest at Chaffey College on the next scheduled test date. Remediation requirements may include, but not limited to, additional coursework, tutoring and/or independent study. The remediation may take up to one year.

If the student applicant does not pass the TEAS test after the second attempt, they will not be considered for entry and will need to reapply to the program and restart the application process.
Selected applicants, including advanced placement and alternate applicants will be offered the opportunity to take the TEAS test free of cost.

Download the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) information here.


Download the application instructions and application form (PDF files):

Application Form

Application Form Instructions and Checklist

Advanced Placement Application Form Instructions and Checklist

Rev. 5/8/18

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