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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I have to declare a major or commit to a degree or certificate program in order to attend Chaffey College?
A No. You may take classes to learn a particular skill or for personal enrichment. However, if you are interested in achieving some long-term educational and career goals, extensive academic programs, services and resources are available. The clearer, more specific, and more realistic your objectives are, the more helpful the faculty and staff can be in assisting you to meet those objectives.

Q What is a full-time load?
A For fall and spring semesters, it is 12 units. For summer, it is 6 units.

Q How many units must I take each term?
A You are not required by the college to take a minimum number of units each term. The number of units you take will depend on several factors, such as the number of hours you are employed each week, your degree/certificate objectives, your own timetable for graduation and/or transfer, and eligibility requirements if you are receiving financial aid, veteran benefits, or other kinds of benefits. Counselors are available to assist you with your educational planning.

Q How do I add an open class?
A You can add open classes online via MyChaffeyVIEW. View the Tutorial for assistance with logging into MyChaffeyVIEW. Write down the 5-digit class section number(s) and use the link "Register for Sections" on the Student Menu.

Q If a class is closed at registration, is there still a way to enroll in the class?
A The waitlist is now an automated process. The waitlist will open as soon as a class becomes full. As seats become available, students will be notified via email based on their waitlist rank. Students will have 3 days to enroll in the course. Failure to enroll will cause a student to be dropped from the waitlist, and the next student on the list will be notified. The waitlist process ends 3 days prior to the first day of instruction. Frequently Asked Questions regarding waitlist procedures is available by clicking here.

Q What is the procedure for dropping a class?
A Students must drop online via MyChaffeyVIEW. The drop transaction must be completed by the "drop" deadline. Do not assume that instructors will automatically drop you for non-attendance. A withdrawal during the first 30% or fourth week of the term (whichever is less) will not reflect on your record. A withdrawal after this time will result in a grade of "W" appearing on your record. "W" grades are not used in calculating grade point averages, but excessive "W" grades may result in probation or dismissal. All students who have not withdrawn from the class by 61% of the course shall be given a letter grade (A-F). Different deadlines apply to classes that are less than a semester in length. These regulations are subject to change. You are advised to check you class schedule or registration statement for specific withdrawal deadlines.

Q Do I have to repeat a class in which I earned a D or F grade?
A Not necessarily. However, certain requirements may be met only with a "C" or better grade, such as the English and math competency requirements for the associate degree and all courses required for an occupational certificate. Also, if the course is specifically required for the major, you are generally advised to repeat a "D" grade and must repeat any "F" grade. Upon completion of the repeated class, the previous grade earned will be omitted from your grade point average and lined through on your academic record.

Q When is the last day to add classes?
A You now have one week (which is the Monday following the first day of instruction) to add full-term classes for the Fall and Spring semesters. For summer and late start classes, please check the schedule of classes for the last day to add.

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