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2016 Season Results

January 28
El Camino Compton (away)
12-2 W

January 30
Moorpark (home)
5-4 W

February 5
Southwestern (away)
13-5 L

February 6
Grossmont (away)
6-4 L

February 11
El Camino Compron (home)
8-1 W

February 13
Moorpark (away)
8-7 L

February 16
Saddleback (home)
6-5 L

February 18
Southwestern (home)
8-3 W

February 20
Saddleback (away)
8-1 W

February 23
Grossmont (home)
8-1 L

February 27
Cerro Coso (away)
20-6 W

March 3
Victor Valley (away)
23-4 W

March 5
Desert (home)
9-5 W

March 8
Barstow (away)
11-7 W

March 10
Rio Hondo (home)
10-3 W

March 12
San Bernardino (home)
10-2 L

March 15
Cerro Coso (home)
4-3 W

March 17
Cerro Coso (away)
9-8 W

March 19
Cerro Coso (home)
6-0 W

March 22
Santa Ana (away)
5-1 W

March 23
Santa Ana (home)
10-9 L

March 29
Victor Valley (home)
23-3 W

March 31
Victor Valley (away)
11-9 W

April 2
Victor Valley (home)
20-2 W

April 5
Desert (away)
10-4 W

April 7
Desert (home)
6-3 W

April 9
Desert (away)
9-1 W

April 12
Barstow (home)
6-1 W

April 14
Barstow (away)
4-2 W

April 16
Barstow (home)
9-8 W

April 19
Rio Hondo (away)
13-4 L

April 21
Rio Hondo (home)
7-3 L

April 23
Rio Hondo (away)
15-4 W

April 26
San Bernardino (away)
5-3 W

April 28
San Bernardino (home)
3-2 W

April 29
San Bernardino (away)
8-2 W

May 6-7
CCCAA Regional Playoffs
Canyons (home)
17-6 W
11-10 W

May 13-15
CCCAA Super Regional Playoffs
Cuesta (away)
8-3 L
10-8 W
7-6 W

May 20-22
CCCAA Sectional Playoffs
Golden West (away)
2 pm/1pm

Where Have They Gone?
MLB Drafted Players

Matt Anderson**** - Seattle Mariners (High Desert Mavericks)
Matt Ayabarreno* - Angels
Pierre Blount** - Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Alex Caldera** - Kansas City Royals
Ryan Delgado** - Oakland As
Angel Flores* - Detroit Tigers
Chris Gabriel* - Florida Marlins
Kevin Harmon* - Montreal Expos
Alex Hinshaw** - San Francisco Giants
Willie Holmes** - Boston Red Sox
Greg Ienni* - San Diego Padres
Jason Johnson** - Philadelphia Phillies
Jake Kidd** - Colorado Rockies
Tanner Kiest*** - Philadelphia Phillies
Drew Macias** - San Diego Padres
Marcos Martinez* - San Diego Padres
Jose Munoz* - Florida Marlins
Scott Nestor**- Florida Marlins
Jason Rice*** - Oakland A's
Matt Rohr* - Baltimore Orioles
Jake Romanski*** - Boston Red Sox (Greenville Drive)
George Snyder* - San Francisco Giants
Jacob Taylor* - Florida Marlins
Brandon Villalobos* - Chicago White Sox
Jeremy Weber** - Florida Marlins

Signing Bonuses
* up to $25,000
** up to $50,000
*** up to $75,000
**** up to $100,000

4 Year University Transfers
Chaffey College takes great pride in sending its athletes to four-year universities to continue the pursuit of higher education and athletic excellence. The following is where former Panthers went after their playing days here.

Baseball Class of 2016
Kevin Riley Daniel Honorof Jacob Battaglia Cody Palmer      
Kevin Riley
Cal State Northridge
Daniel Honorof
Colorado State at Pueblo
Jacob Battaglia
Biola University
Cody Palmer
Cal Baptist
Baseball Class of 2015
Kyle Boone Robert Cummins Nathan Finn Brendan Hornung Not Pictured Kyle Jackson Mark Lesinski
Kyle Boone
Master's College
Robert Cummins
Midlands Nebraska
Nathan Finn
Cumberland College
Brendan Honung
University of Hawaii
Nick Hynes
Missouri Baptist University
Kyle Jackson
Georgetown College (KY)
Mark Lesinksi
Bemidji State University
Justin Magstadt Merrick Patito Sam Schroeder        
Justin Magstadt
Rogers State College
Merrick Patito
Cal State Los Angeles
Sam Schroeder
Fisher College
Baseball Class of 2014
Travis Borges Isaiah Delsi Andrew Dorado Jake Gallaway Tanner Kiest David Kretschmar Mason Shiflett
Travis Borges
University of Redlands
Isaiah Delsi
Sterling College
Andrew Dorado
Sterling College
Jake Gallaway
Cal Baptist
Tanner Kiest
Central Michigan
David Kretschmar
Ashland University
Mason Shiflett
West Texas A&M
Trevor Williams            
Trevor Williams
CSU San Bernardino
Baseball Class of 2013
Tyler Campbell Not Pictured Diego Ibarra Christopher Joranco Richard Plascencia    
Tyler Campbell
Lewis & Clark State College (ID)
Ryan Goodman
Concordia University
Diego Ibarra
Chico State University
Christopher Joranco
Sterling College (KS)
Richard Plascencia
Cal State Dominguez Hills
Baseball Class of 2012
Kyle Abel Colton Call Steven Cazares Julio Espinoza Carlos Fuentes Tim Helton Eric Hernandez
Kyle Abel
CSU San Bernardino
Colton Call
Concordia University
Steven Cazares
Bellevue university (NE)
Julio Espinoza
Arizona Christian
Carlos Fuentes
Loyola Marymount
Tim Helton
University of La Verne
Eric Hernandez
Faulkner University (AL)
Daniel McNabb Matt Redfearn          
Daniel McNabb
Sonoma State University
Matt Redfearn
West Texas A&M
Baseball Class of 2011
Matt Anderson Matt Berry Ty De Trinidad Adam Huizar Jeremy Perez Jake Romanski Chris Truitt
Matt Anderson
CSU Long Beach
Matt Berry
Southern Nazarene (OK)
Tyler De Trinidad
Southern Nazarene (OK)
Adam Huizar
Faulkner University (AL)
Jeremy Perez
Chico State
Jake Romanski
San Diego State
Chris Truitt
Bacone College
Baseball Class of 2010
Xavier De La Cruz Colby Gurney DJ Hall Nick Hartman Matthew Krause Chris Lemus Kevin Ryan
Xavier De La Cruz
CSU East Bay
Colby Gurney
Azusa Pacific University
DJ Hall
Sterling College (KS)
Nick Hartman
New Mexico Highlands
Matthew Krause
Sterling College (KS)
Chris Lemus
Oklahoma Baptist
Kevin Ryan
Baseball Class of 2009
Greg Allen JJ Costantino Taurean Curtis Gerry Hernandez Carlos Nakamura    
Greg Allen
New Mexico Highlands
JJ Costantino
Lee University
Taurean Curtis
Vanguard University
Gerry Hernandez
William Penn University
Carlos Nakamura
Cal State San Bernardino
Baseball Class of 2008
Anthony Delgado Ryan Delgado Joe Gwin James Koerner Andrew Schile Andrew Steinmeyer  
Anthony Delgado
Azusa Pacific University
Ryan Delgado
Azusa Pacific University
Joe Gwin
CSU San Marcos
James Koerner
CSU San Bernardino
Andrew Schile
CSU San Bernardino
Andrew Steinmeyer
Southern Nazarene (OK)
Baseball Class of 2007
Alex Caldera Garret Hodges David Mc Carthy        
Alex Caldera
Lewis & Clark State College
Garret Hodges
San Diego State
David McCarthy
CSU San Bernardino

Baseball Class of 2006
Jeremy Bamsey - Point Loma Nazarene
Stephen Held - Olivet Nazarene
Stephen Kohatsu - New Mexico Highlands
James Kono - San Francisco State
Ernie Munoz - San Francisco State
Jose Munoz - University of New Mexico
Gill Palacios - University of New Mexico
Chris Ruffalo - Biola
Ruben Sanchez - New Mexico Highlands
George Synder - San Diego State

Baseball Class of 2005
Jacob Bastio - Minot State University
Brian Lamers - SW Missouri State
Steve Lemmon - Cal State Northridge
Jack Roche - Cal State Los Angeles
Neil Sanderlin -Metro State
Scott Stevens - Mt. Mercy University
Todd Wells - Arizona State
Gregg Wolfe - University of New Orleans

Baseball Class of 2004
Bridger Clark - Cal Baptist University
Todd Clark - William Penn University
Alex Hinshaw - University of Texas (2005 National Champions)
Sam Lopez -Cal State San Bernardino
Angel Santiago - William Penn (NAIA ALL AMERICAN SELECTION 2005)
Joey Sandercock -William Penn
Justin Schoeller - Cal State San Bernardino

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