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A learning disability is a persistent condition of presumed neurological dysfunction which may exist with other disabling conditions. This dysfunction continues despite instruction in standard classroom situations. To be categorized as possessing a learning disability, a student must exhibit:

  1. Average to above-average intellectual ability;
  2. Severe processing deficit(s)
  3. Severe aptitude-achievement discrepancy(ies)
  4. Measured achievement in an instruction or employment setting

In order to be tested for LD eligibility for servces, a student must fill in the following forms and submit them to the DPS office:

Appointments will then be made with the specialist for assessment.

The Learning Disabilities Program is designed to assist students with specific learning disabilities. These include:

  1. Dyscalculia - Inability to do math.
  2. Dysgraphia - Inability to write.
  3. Dyslexia - Inability read.

Services are available to any student who meets the eligibility components of the Califomia Community College Learning Disabilities Assessment Procedure. These are derived from standardized test scores and secondary procedure evaluations.

The four components are as follows:

  1. measured academic achievement
  2. cognitive ability level
  3. information processing deficit
  4. aptitude - achievement discrepancy

Students with learning disabilities may have deficits in sensory input, short and long term memory, receptive and expressive language, reasoning skills, and information organization. These deficits are reflected in limited basic skills performance in one or more areas and lack of effective learning strategies.

DPS staff develop Student Educational Contracts (SECs) which help students define specific and realistic goals and objectives. The SEC is evaluated each semester and students are given verification of measurable progress based on the attainment of their goals.

While students are attending mainstream classes additional services are available. Some of these include: test taking facilitation, instructional technology, and alternative learning strategies.




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