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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will ETP funded trainings help develop work place skills?

Employment Training Panel funding allows for a variety of work place training programs and certifications.The trainings offered are in-demand, cost effective solutions for employee development.  Chaffey College Workforce trainers are industry experts who can deliver quality programs either on-site, or at one of our campuses.

Please review the Training Menu to see current course listings.

  • How does an employer qualify for ETP funded training?

An employer may submit an ETP-100 form to Chaffey College Workforce Training for application submission with the State of California.  The form will ask questions related to company legal information, NAICS Code, employee turnover rate, training needs etc.  Eligibility will be approved or denied based on answers submitted.

  • Does the employee also have to qualify under ETP?

Yes, all employees must meet guidelines established by ETP.  For example, employees must be full-time, and meet wage and job classification requirements.  The employee enrollment process will determine eligibility.

  • Since these trainings are offered by the Community College, can the employee receive college credits for attending?

Training offered through Workforce Training are designed to address workforce preparedness through job skills development.  As such, credits or units toward degree programs are not supported here.  Workforce Training does offer well established industry certifications to augment employee development.

  • What happens if the employee is assigned to a job site outside of the state of California?  Can that employee participate in ETP funded training?

An out of state employee may qualify for training if all basic requirements are met.  Please contact the Workforce Training office to discuss the specifics of your situation.

  • Are customized training or certifications covered with ETP Funding?

Customized training courses may be designed to meet ETP guidelines.  Courses are also delivered for specific industry certifications that do meet ETP guidelines and criteria.  Please call the Workforce Training office to discuss further.

  • What happens if an employee leaves for other employment prior to the 90 day retention period?

Guidelines specifically require 90 day retention for all training funded through ETP. An employer may be subject to costs, however for those employees designated as “voluntary quits”, additional review is necessary.

  • What happens if an employee cannot attend the entire training session?

When planning company training it is important to consider seasonal work activity. Employee success requires participation in training without interruption.  If an employee needs to withdraw once training has started, the employer may be subject to costs for time missed.

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Featured Courses by Industry:

Allied Healthcare
Biotechnology & Life Sciences
Clean/Green Technology
Goods Movement & Transportation Logistics
Information Technology Services

News and Special Events:

Annual Manufacturers Summint - Inland Empire
Manufacturer’ Summit of the Inland Empire 2017

Industrial Technical Learning Center Now Open

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