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Savage Sentimentality

Savage Sentimentality

Question Bridge: Black Males

January 11 – March 12
Reception for the artists on January 12 from 6-8pm
Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

Question Bridge: Black Males is an innovative, interdisciplinary web-based project that provides a platform for black men to ask and respond to questions about life in America. Designed by artists Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Kamal Sinclair, and Bayeté Ross Smith, it was created to stimulate discourse and understanding amongst black men and their communities. Ultimately, the artists hope to illustrate the diversity of ideas and viewpoints amongst black men in America – since conception the artists have traveled more than 1,500 miles to capture video from more than 150 men. Ultimately the project calls into question the identity of black men in America and challenges misconceptions or assumptions about them that are prevalent in our culture. Through Question Bridge, “Blackness” ceases to be a simple, monochromatic concept.  Museum and cultural spaces throughout the country continue to interview black men in their communities to expand the archive of video interviews and to expand the breadth and depth of the ideas and perspectives that are depicted on the website. Look for a series of interview opportunities at the Wignall Museum during Question Bridge. We invite black male community members to participate and to add their voice to the archive. We will also present a series of lectures, forums, and special events to engage on the topic of identity in partnership with BFSA, AMAN/AWOMAN-UMOJA, LFSA, and others. Visit us online for more information at www.chaffey.edu/wignall. This exhibition was made possible due to the generous support of President’s Equity Council and the Office of Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness.

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