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Student Testimonials


"What have I learned from AMAN? What haven‘t I learned from AMAN? I came into school with a negative attitude as far as succeeding goes. Now, I‘m an actual student with goals and ambition. Although I‘m still not sure what I want to major in or what school I would like to transfer to; that is still a lot further than I thought I would ever go."

"I came up in a life where drugs and guns were not only the problem but also the solution. I overcame that and I am now a student with ambition and I have a brighter future than I could ever imagine. I owe all of my accolades to the AMAN family. Because without this love and support I would have probably been out of school and back on the corners. Dr. Colondres, Ms. Felicia, Ms. Sheila, and Ms. Lucy have influenced me in such a positive way that I can‘t help but thank God for their presence."
– UMOJA Student
"When I first decided to return to school, I made up my mind that I was going to get involved. Little did I know how powerful my thoughts were? When I enrolled in the Guidance 2 class, I quickly learned what the class was all about. Guidance 2 is designed to help students become aware of who they are and how that information can assign them in a career." 

"As discussions went on in class and the instructor (Dr. Colondres) made us feel worthy, I felt comfortable enough to share my story and willing to help others. For this, my instructor told me after class that she felt I had leadership abilities. She also suggested signing up to be apart of Student Body Government. Eagerly, I went to Student Activities and asked about the organization. I was told that elections had already transpired and that I could attend three consecutive meetings, and then interview for the position of Senator. Feeling a welcomed unsure feeling, I did as I was instructed."

"With great pleasure, I am proud to say, that since then I was a Senator, Commissioner of Inter-Club Council, ran for President, and am now a current Senator of Associated Students of Chaffey College, and President of AMAN/AWOMAN Club. I owe it all to AMAN/AWOMAN Project for helping me with my goals. My objective was to learn how to navigate, facilitate, and come up with some innovative ideas to help make Chaffey College a fun and exciting place to receive an education. Helping others students and being a positive role model for my son is priceless.AMAN/AWOMAN Project made it possible and will help those who want to help themselves and those who are not sure how to help themselves. There is no excuse, one cannot lose, only gain."
– UMOJA Student



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