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College Information:
  • Get help in searching for the perfect college for you and your future!
  • Learn about the process of searching, applying, and attending college.
  • Discover ways to pay for college (financial aid, scholarships, etc.)
  • Get help with completing college applications.
  • Assistance with getting fee waivers for college applications.
 Student at CSUB

College Visits/Cultural Trips:
  • Visit colleges throughout California to discover the right school for you.
  • Hear from admissions staff regarding how to get in.
  • Tour the campus and dorms of various institutions.
  • Learn about different cultures through museums, events, activities and many more experiences!
 Harbor Tour
 Pizza Parlor

Annual Overnight:
  • Experience college by living on a college campus dorm.
  • Visit multiple colleges during the trip that are out of the area.
  • Bond with other Upward Bound students.
  • Experience cultural and educational excursions.
Test Preparation:
  • Specialized workshops to prepare for the SAT and ACT.
  • Specialized workshops to prepare for the CAHSEE.
  • Help available for college placement tests.
  • Fee waivers available for SAT/ACT tests.
  • Available twice a week at your high school.
  • Small groups to personalize help.
  • College students working as tutors knowledgeable in most subjects.
  • Private tutoring space for Upward Bound on campus.
  • Access to a set of textbooks
Academic Advising:
  • Help with selecting classes that will count towards college admissions requirements.
  • Help developing and setting academic and personal goals.
  • Help keeping track and staying organized with classes.
  • Assistance with career and major selection.
Saturday Academy:
  • Once a month meetings at Chaffey College.
  • Get extra help in classes such as English and Math.
  • Personal development workshops such as time management, study skills, etc.
  • Career speakers
  • Financial planning
  • Teambuilding
Summer Academy:
  • 6-week program to help you get prepared for the following academic year.
  • Take classes that aren’t available at your high school.
  • Learn about your community through various service opportunities.
Common Questions:

Can I participate if I am in other clubs/sports?
  • Yes! It is important to have a variety of extra-curricular activities. All we ask is that you balance your schedule and make Upward Bound an equal priority.
What if one of my parents is currently in college?
  • As long as neither of your parents currently have a bachelor’s degree, you are eligible!
What if my brother/sister went to college?
  • You are still considered First Generation so you are still eligible.
What if I am in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen?
  • We will ask for documentation that you are in the process of gaining U.S. Citizenship.

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