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LITERATURE, as the term is used in this section, refers to any handbill, newspaper, pamphlet, circular, placard, poster, booklet or book which is machine-printed, typed, duplicated, or handwritten or printed on paper, cloth, or other material and is handed out, placed in areas for easy pickup, placed on tabled or displayed by posting on bulletin boards or walls.

SYMBOLIC INSIGNIA, as the term is used in this section, refers to any button, badge, armband, article of clothing, or other insignia or symbolic expression that may be worn or displayed by a person to symbolize his/her commitment to or belief in any legal cause, idea, or philosophy.

Advertising on campus by off-campus or commercial interests is prohibited by the California Education Code.  Students shall be allowed to distribute and display literature and to exhibit symbolic insignia subject to the following specific limitations:

  1. It is contrary to law to distribute or display literature or exhibit symbolic insignia which:
    1. is obscene according to current legal definitions.
    2. is libelous or slanderous according to current legal definitions.
    3. incites students so as to create a clear and present danger of the imminent commission of unlawful acts or of the substantial disruption of the orderly operations of the College.
    4. expresses or advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice so as to create a clear and present danger of imminent commission of unlawful acts on school premises or of the violation of lawful school regulations or the substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the College.
    5. is distributed in violation of the time, place, and manner requirements.

  2. Distribution of literature on campus will be from tables in the Campus Center unless special permission is obtained from the Office of Student Life for other types of distribution.

  3. The following kinds of literature may not be distributed or displayed without the consent of the Dean of Student Life.
    1. Literature advertising off-campus activities sponsored by an individual or group not connected with the College.
    2. Literature for which there is a charge or donation required or requested either explicitly or implicitly.
    3. Literature whose legality is in question.

  4. No literature may be displayed or distributed which solicits funds except with the approval of the Dean of Student Life.

  5. Literature, which is not in conflict with the above stipulations, may be posted and otherwise displayed in the Campus Center only.  This includes both wings of the Campus Center complex, the bulletin boards immediately adjacent to them, the Free Speech area, and the Campus Center patio area.

  6. Students or student groups wishing to post in other areas of the campus should confer with the Student Life personnel for the policies and procedures governing the desired areas.

  7. No literature may be taped or otherwise affixed to a painted surface.  No literature may be placed on cars.

  8. Some bulletin boards in the Campus Center complex have been designated to serve specific functions.  When in doubt, students should contact the Student Life Office.

  9. Literature that does not conform to the above stipulations and/or is improperly posted will be removed.

  10. Students have a right to expect that literature which conforms to the standards set forth in this section and which is properly displayed will be exhibited for a reasonable length of time.  Any person who removes acceptable literature, properly posted, is violating the originator's freedom of speech.

Rev. 4/12/17

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