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For information regarding Student Life Programs, please call 909/652-6590

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Student Organizations

Are you interested in starting a club on campus? If so, you need a minimum of seven members and a full time faculty or staff member to serve as the club’s advisor. Please click the link below to establish or renew a club for the current academic year.

Student Club Chartering Form

The forms listed below are to be used by the clubs once they have been officially chartered:

Event Proposal

Club Check Request

Club Account Deposit Slip - Cash Only

Club Account Deposit Slip - Checks Only

Club Minutes

Consignment Income Potential

Personal Service Contract

Club Petition Changes

Deposit Slip Special Activity Cash Fund

Ticket Sales Income Potential

Transcript Inclusion Form

Club Accounts Transfer of Funds


Office of Student Activity Special Activity Cash Fund

Release of Liability

Club Purchase Order

If you have any questions, please call 909/652-6590.

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