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Solar Panel installation
Solar Panels Design For Car-Park Structure

For many years, Chaffey College stakeholders have expressed an interest in investing in and installing solar canopies/carports on our campuses in Rancho Cucamonga, Chino and Fontana. The District supports the reasoning and rationale behind such a large project and has listened to sentiments expressed by both faculty and staff on how this project will reduce our carbon footprint, support our sustainability efforts and be a fiscally-responsible investment. On behalf of the Leadership Team, I am proud to share with you that construction on this project has begun!

Energy consultants have described this project as one of the largest solar panel installations at any California Community College. Naturally, an endeavor of this size and scope requires many changes to our daily routes and routines due to construction. This web page is to provide you with information about the project, including timelines and the impact on parking.

What Is It?

The project involves the construction and installation of solar canopies/carports at all three campuses totaling more than 5.6 megawatts (MW) of direct current (DC) rated power capacity. When completed, it is anticipated the solar power generated will offset more than 90 percent of the college's annual electricity usage. The solar canopies/carports are being installed in the following locations: the northeast portion of the parking lot at the Fontana campus, in parking lots C-4 and C-5 at the Chino campus, and in the following parking lots at the Rancho campus: 5, 6, 11, 18E, 18W, 19E,and 19W.


During Construction

Construction will commence shortly after the fall semester begins and will result in approximately 400 parking spaces not being available at any given time during construction. As a campus community, we need to ensure that any challenges that result from the construction of this project have minimal impact on our students. For that reason, effective August 28, 2017 through October 26, 2017, on Mondays through Thursdays between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, all permanent, contract employees, are directed to park only in the parking lots highlighted in red on the attached map. This will allow for all spaces, including those marked "staff", to be open for student use. It is important to note that adjunct instructors and short-term hourly employees are not included in this plan due to their varying schedules. Additionally, permanent part-time employees and employees with disabled parking license plates /placards are not included in the plan.

The 35 actual days that alternate parking will be required will, indeed, be an inconvenience to many of you. The Leadership Team has worked to lessen the impact as much as possible. As part of our efforts, we will be offering passenger van shuttle service to identified drop-off locations during peak-use times from the designated lots, a daily golf-cart service to help individuals get to their cars faster if needed (for off-campus meetings, urgent needs, etc.) and an appreciation program for employee cooperation.

New Parking Permits

New color-coded temporary parking permits have been issued to all permanent part-time employees, adjunct instructors, professional experts, and short-term employees to ensure we are all doing our part to allow our students to have access to as many parking spaces as possible.

We need everyone's cooperation to ensure we have a successful fall semester.

Solar Parking Comments

No questions, I just want to commend the solar project parking project. The parking situation has been a great experience. The drivers are courteous and conscientious, and there are numerous vans that are readily accessible. It's great not having to circle parking lots for a place to park after 8am, but now can get driven directly to my destination, or having the choice and the benefit of starting the morning with a brisk walk. So, planners...ya done good. -Renee Ketchum

Latest News

Week 6 Update

  • Beginning Monday, October 9, parking lot 19W (the one closest to the ATL building) will be opened back up for student parking. Consequently, fencing will be placed around 120 stalls in lot 11 (the one just south of the PS building) as construction of the solar carports continues north.

  • Construction at the Chino campus is on schedule and progressing well.

  • Construction at the Fontana campus is scheduled to begin October 24.

Week 4 Update

  • We are almost half-way through the employee parking requirement. The designated parking lots - especially the football practice field lot - are a lot fuller these days. Big props to faculty and staff for putting our students first.

  • Construction began at the Chino campus on September 21. For the duration of construction, the City of Chino has graciously offered the college the parking lot north of the Community Center to use as overflow parking.

  • The project is on schedule and rapidly moving forward. The Borrego construction crew began installing the actual solar panels this week.

  • Several Chaffey employees “stepped up to the challenge” and participated in our daily step contest. Congratulations to the winners for week 9/18-9/21:
    • Lissa Napoli
    • Garrett Kenehan
    • Julie Sanchez
    • Jolene Ruiz

Week 3 Update

  • The project continue on schedule and is making great progress. Column and purlins are now up in most of the construction area, and installation of the PV modules (solar panels) is now beginning.

  • Effective September 15, parking lot 18E is being taken offline for carport construction.

  • Our employee shuttle drivers are doing an amazing job and providing excellent customer service. That said, however, some of our riders have been asking our drivers to take short cuts back to the parking lots. When that happens, then not all stops are being serviced in the intervals they need to be. That, in turn, means other folks who are waiting at the designated pick-up areas are waiting longer than necessary because shuttle stops are being bypassed. Drivers have been directed not to deviate from their assigned shuttle routes, so please do not put them in the awkward position of asking them to do so.

  • The college's Dining Commons is offering pre-order and delivery services for faculty and staff. For more information, click on the following link:
    Dining Commons Enhanced Food Services

Week 2 Update

  • The shuttle service still seems to be running smoothly.  Many faculty, classified employees, and managers have expressed their kudos and appreciation for the outstanding work Troy Ament and our drivers are doing to make the parking situation easier on everyone.

  • In spite of the weird weather and heat wave we had recently, Borrego is making really good progress - just take a look at the steel columns that are already up in lots 18 and 19.

  • There will definitely be noise periodically coming from the construction zones throughout the duration of the project (end of December), due to the drilling/trenching that is necessary to install the columns (in case you aren’t aware, we live on a bed of rocks!)  Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to avoid the noise.  Let’s just keep remembering that it’s only temporary and the benefits will be worth it when the project is completed.

  • Anyone visiting the Information Services (IS) building should only enter and exit from the west doors or from one of the doors on the north side of the building.  The doors on the east side will take you directly into the construction zone.

Groundbreaking Ceremony Kicks Off

Dr. Henry Shannon
Henry D. Shannon, Ph.D.
At a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off its solar project, Chaffey College announced its partnership with Borrego Solar Systems Inc. to install solar carports at its campuses in Rancho Cucamonga, Chino and Fontana.

Construction of the project began Aug. 28, 2017 at the Rancho Cucamonga campus and will be substantially completed by the end of the year. Project construction at the Chino and Fontana campuses are set for later this fall.

"With project completion estimated in January 2018, across our three campuses, Chaffey College will soon have a system totaling 5,660 kilowatts of direct current rated power capacity," said Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Melanie Siddiqi, whose office is leading the project. "Once completed, this technology will offset more than 90 percent of the District's annual electricity usage, which is phenomenal."

Cost savings for a project of this magnitude are impactful. It is expected that the District will realize a positive net benefit of approximately $10 million over the life of the system.


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