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What is Sociology

Sociology is a social science that systematically studies the social lives of people, groups, and societies. C. Wright Mills (1959) advocated the use of our sociological imaginations, which connects our individual lives to the broader social structure. In other words, sociologists are concerned with how our individual lives are shaped by our social locations, and how we are influenced by social groups.

Questions that sociologists ask include:
  • How do people create their society?

  • How do age, gender, ethnicity, social class, race, and other social factors affect one’s opportunities?

  • How do social forces contribute to our understandings about the social world?

What to do with a degree in Sociology

Sociology can equip students with a wide range of tools, and there are many career options for students with a degree in Sociology. Generally, Sociologists work in three major areas: social services, community work, law, and in research. Below are some resources for students who are interested in pursuing a career with a sociology degree:

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