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Political Science, the study of politics and government, examines ways and means by which societies identify and solve problems. The exercise of power in decision-making processes and its effect on societal resources is explored and weighed. Political values and beliefs are determined and evaluated for further depth of understanding. Political Science courses enrich the general education program and fundamentally support preparation for careers in teaching, the law, government service, city management, journalism, business, and international affairs.

What Can Someone Do With A Political Science Degree?

Political Science as described by the American Political Science Association (APSA):

Political science majors acquire skills in writing, communications, and analysis that are critical to a liberal arts education. A liberal arts education prepares students to think independently, with tolerance for others and concern for current affairs. Today, students can reasonably expect to change jobs and even to have more than one career. An undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences is excellent preparation for flexibility in employment.

Political Science is a very versatile discipline. In broad terms, a political science major can pursue careers in:

Federal Government and Politics, State and Local Government and Politics, International Organizations, Interest Groups and Community Organizations, Law, Journalism and Communications, Business and Finance, Research, and Teaching.

Examples of more specific careers include:

Consumer Advocate, Policy Analyst, Journalist, City Manager, Campaign Worker, Foreign Service Worker, Diplomat, Financial Planner, Political Consultant, Public Relations Director, Lawyer, Urban Policy Planner, Human Rights Advocate, Business Administrator, and Politician.

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