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August 20, 2013


Kathy Dutton
Director, Employment Development

For Immediate Release


On Friday, July 31, 12 trainees graduated from a customized Industrial Electrical Technician/Mechanic program collaborative between Chaffey College Workforce Training Institute and three manufacturers; California Steel Industries, Fontana, CA, TST, Inc., Fontana, CA, and Steelscape, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The 12 individuals completed the rigorous, 192 hour in-class and on-the-job training program over nine weeks. It is anticipated that all 12 trainees will be offered a permanent position with one of the three participating employer partners. Target is also interested in hiring up to four of the 12 trainees that have completed this program.

Last year was the pilot for this collaborative partnership and it proved to be a huge success! CSI hired 11 Electrical Interns through the Industrial Electrical Internship Intensive program at CCWTI. Satisfying the need for a skilled manufacturing and electrical mechanic workforce is just one positive result of collaboration between CCWTI and industry employers. CSI boasted an impressive starting wage of almost $21/hour as an Electrical Intern, with potential increases over the following 24-36 months of employment that could set an employee at the earning rate of $33+/hour.

The Industrial Electrical Internship Intensive program is funded by ETP (Employment Training Panel) contracts. CCWTI is currently working with their fourth ETP contract, the largest the institution has been awarded thus far, and has just applied for a fifth contract in the amount of $850,000.00. ETP funds are used to provide customized training to fill gaps in the workforce, and to improve the skills of those already employed in industry positions. California Steel Industries, TST, Inc., Steelscape, and roughly 40 other industry employers are utilizing the ETP contract funds that CCWTI has been awarded to fill available manufacturing and electrical mechanic positions, as well as improve and build upon skills of those already employed through the Industrial Electrical Internship Intensive, and Industrial Electrical Craft Training program.

Graduating trainees include: Timothy R. Burgoon (Ontario, CA), Christopher J. Campo (Fontana, CA), Ricardo Castillo (Montclair, CA), David J. Esteves (Fontana, CA), Efren Garcia (San Bernardino, CA), David Pettit (Victorville, CA), Daniel A. Rodriguez (Fontana, CA), CuauhtŽmoc S‡nchez (Montclair, CA), Terrance D. Small (Victorville, CA), Trig D. Tressider (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), Connor Wilson (Chino, CA), and Matthew Zazueta (Fontana, CA).

If you are interested in Industrial Electrical Craft Technician/Mechanic training, or any of our other training programs in Computer Skills, Continuous Improvement, and Management Skills for your employees, contact Kathy Dutton, Director, Employment Development and Community Education, Chaffey College Workforce Training Institute at 909-652-6042 or

Contact information for our industry partners:
California Steel Industries, Rick Pettit, Technical Training and Recruiting Specialist, 909-350-6250
TST, Inc., Nora Cortez, HR Manager, 951-727-3129
Steelscape, Shailendra "Sonny" Singh, main Engineering Manager, 909-484-4635

Client/Trainee Testimonial:

"Hands down, the best instructor I've ever had the pleasure to know. I could never thank him enough for the amount of knowledge I gained from being his student. Truly a great man!" -
— David Esteves (California Steel Industries)

"This was an excellent program to enhance my understanding of industrial electrical concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"
— Trig Tresidder (California Steel Industries)

"Thank you for having this type of training. It would be difficult to go to school and support a household at the time; with this program, you make it possible. I'm looking forward to [taking] more classes." -
— Ricardo Castillo (Steelscape)

"This experience has been truly rewarding. Chaffey has made it possible for students and entry level candidates... to learn, work, and prove oneself in the field." -
— Terrance Small (California Steel Industries)

"I was able to grasp the IET concepts better than ever in the intensive, far more than ever. Previous questions and uncertainties I had were immediately covered within the first week! Coming out of this program, I really feel confident around the industry, work, and has created greater intrigue."
— David Pettit (California Steel Industries)

"The Industrial Electrical Internship has been a great opportunity to develop my [electrical] skills. From the course I have gained all the tools I need to be a great asset to my company as an essential and knowledgeable [electro-mechanical technician]. It was very challenging, but with dedication, hard work, and motivation, anyone can be successful." -
— Matt Zazueta (TST, Inc.)

"The Industrial Electrical program has been one of the most challenging and fun experiences of my scholastic and work life. I am extremely thankful for the expertise of Elmano Alves, and the chance to learn and prove myself in a professional and learning interactive setting. I also greatly promote this Chaffey program; they have the tools to succeed."
Timothy R. Burgoon (California Steel Industries)

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