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April 22, 2014


Peggy Cartwright
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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(Rancho Cucamonga, CA) Student and faculty in the Chaffey College School of Business and Applied Technology hosted the inaugural Legal Night event on April 10, 2014 on the Rancho Cucamonga campus. "The event was a tremendous success for the college, students, and the legal community!" exclaimed Abel Chen, Chaffey College Professor of Business Law and event coordinator.

Legal Night was created through a vision of both the college faculty and students in the paralegal program. The concept of Legal Night was to provide legal guidance to those who might not otherwise be able to afford the service as well as providing a venue to showcase the Chaffey College paralegal studies program.

"We were amazed at the response we received immediately after promoting the event," stated Professor Chen. "Within the first few days we had more than 50 people schedule appointments." In total 112 people took advantage of the services available through the Legal Night Event with 26 local attorneys delivering legal services.

"The legal night event was a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in until I left," stated Lupeolo Siulua, participant. "The paralegal students were very engaged and helpful. After speaking with the attorney, I felt more confident about the legal decisions I had to make. I had a better understanding of the laws and my rights. The attorney that I spoke with provided me with superb service. I hope that legal night will be offered in the years to come."

"We couldn't have done this without the amazing partnering attorneys," said Chen. Many of the attorneys contribute to the paralegal studies program through guest speaking, providing program assistant, and internships to students. "We are honored to have the best lawyers in the community share their expertise to our students, staff, and the community throughout the year, but especially at Legal Night," said Chen.

"As an attorney in the community, I found Chaffey Legal Night very rewarding. I was honored to be a part of the event... It was a pleasure working alongside the paralegal students who showed enthusiasm and interest in the legal topics," stated Jennifer C. Jones, managing partner of Jones Legal.

Participants received direct legal consultation, brief services, and information about their rights and the legal system. Individuals left with a sense of empowerment feeling that they can be better self-advocates in the legal system.

The event also provided the opportunity for Chaffey's paralegal students to network with the attorneys and assist participants. Geraldine Melendres, paralegal student stated, "Being involved in Legal Night really made me feel like I've helped my community." Melendres added "I really enjoyed seeing the clients come out of the conference rooms happy or relieved, and thanking us and our professor for a job well done."

The faculty and student event coordinators elected to have one additional opportunity for guests; they were accepting donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 100% of the proceeds collected at Legal Night were donated directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The inaugural Legal Night event was an astounding success, our goal is to host it annually forging partnerships with the legal community while providing legal guidance to our students, staff, and the community."

For more information on Legal Night or the Chaffey College Paralegal Studies Program, contact the School of Business and Applied Technology or email Professor Chen at

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Participating Law Offices

Lead Deputy District Attorney of San Bernardino County
Deputy Public Defender of San Bernardino County
Rodrigo Law Firm
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaad & Smith
Law Office of Vicncent Chan
Law Offices of Valerie Lopez
Atlantis Law Firm
Jones Legal
Law Office of Guy A. Bovee
Schwartzberg & Luther
Law Offices of Patricia A Law
Inliand Empire Latino Lawyers Legal Aid Clinic
Law Office of Luella G. Hairston
Law Office of Sherif Fathy
Law Offices of Vivian L. Schwartz
Law Offices of Cecilia I. Onunkwo
Stewart Law Firm
Robinson Sookdeo Law
Heiting and Irwin

Additional Quotes


"As an attorney in the community, I found Chaffey Legal Night very rewarding. I was honored to be a part of the event. I was surprised to learn that this was the first year for this event because it was well organized. It was a pleasure working alongside the paralegal students who showed enthusiasm and interest in the legal topics."

Jennifer C. Jones
Managing Partner of Jones Legal

"There just are not enough word to express my gratitude to serve the community with their legal concerns. It was such a rewarding opportunity to assist so many people. I was impressed how well organized this event was and the professionalism of the participating students. My prayer and hope is that this will be a annual event. I look forward to partnering with Chaffey College in further legal outreaches. I congratulate Chaffey College and their commitment to educate the staff, students and community."

Luella G. Hairston, Esq.
Law Office of Luella G. Hairston

"Legal Night at Chaffey College was an exciting and inspiring event. It was inspiring to see the local legal community gather together to assist those who needed legal assistance and could not afford to hire an attorney on their own. The attorneys present were all enthusiastic and proud to be there, and I am happy to have volunteered my time. It was also great to work with some of the paralegal students--with the great paralegal program that Chaffey has in place, I am confident the future of the legal practice is in good hands."

Andy Nguyen, Esq.
Partner | Attorney Atlantis Law

Paralegal Studies Students

"Legal Night was an unforgettable experience and my life. People coming to get a legal advice from a professional attorney and getting out with a hope to get a better perspective solution other than the one they had, if they had one makes me feel useful, and also my life has more meaningful purpose to become a paralegal. Talking with other classmates and share our experiences our concerns and happiness was a vivid, unforgettable and comfortable experience. Seeing peoples' faces at the end of their consultation with a smile made my Legal Night experience an unforgettable night."

Silvia Zumaya
Paralegal Studies Student

"As a current Paralegal student, here at Chaffey College I never expected to have participated in an event such as "Legal Night". I am filled with gratitude and having the pleasure to partake in direct contact with Attorney's, staff (professors), fellow classmates and most of all, potential clients. I was given the opportunity to debrief, educate on resources that are available to the public and observe attorney client interaction. It was rewarding and I am even more enthusiastic about pursuing a career as a paralegal."

Marisol David
Paralegal Studies Student

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