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May 22, 2008


Peggy Cartwright
Director of Marketing and Public Relations

For Immediate Release


Chaffey College held the 2008 commencement ceremony yesterday, marking the college's 125th anniversary. More than 4,000 people were in attendance including close to 550 graduates of the more than 1,200 student graduating class.

Chaffey College Superintendent/President, Dr. Henry Shannon gave the keynote address. On behalf of the Chaffey College Governing Board, administration faculty, and staff, Dr. Shannon congratulated the Class of 2008 for their accomplishments. The theme of Dr. Shannon's message was that we all should "live by the three P's - Purpose, Persistence and Passion."

"Each and every student graduating this evening has a special story", Dr. Shannon exclaimed. He recognized the youngest graduate, Intcher Bramlett, age 17. Bramlett received an associate in arts degree in liberal arts and university studies. "This young man hopes to have his master's degree before turning 25," said Dr. Shannon. Elke O'Haire is the oldest Chaffey graduate. At the age of 69, O'Haire earned an associate degree in liberal arts, social science and gerontology in just four years.

Dr. Shannon shared stories of several graduates in the audience. Gregory and Sheryl Peer were both home schooled. Attending Chaffey College in the fall of 2005 was the first "public" school experience for these siblings. Both Gregory and Sheryl are transferring to Cal Poly Pomona. Gregory will study communication arts while Sheryl has decided to pursue a degree in technical theatre.

Felicia Hunt is a role model for this graduating class and is determined to succeed. Despite being diagnosed with sickle cell disease, Hunt's goal is to obtain a bachelor's degree in psychology and to continue her education by earning a doctorate degree.

Erin Kovach came to Chaffey College from Garey, Indiana. She said that she hated high school, but loved college. "Accomplishing high grades, something brand new for me, was addicting so I tried my hardest to impress myself," said Kovach. She joined 26 of her Radiologic Technology classmates at graduation.

The commencement speakers included Faculty Senate President, Ardon Alger; Student Body President, Monica Cervantes; and three Valedictorians Matthew Mercante, Tania Hewett and Sarah Griffin.

The Chaffey College 2008 graduating class is the largest in the college's history. A total of 1,385 associate degrees and 633 vocational certificates were awarded. This class is also the most diverse with 17 international students representing 12 different countries from China to Yemen.

Join us in congratulating the Chaffey College graduating class of 2008.

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