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December 13, 2011


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(Rancho Cucamonga) Exciting changes occurred at the regular scheduled Chaffey College Governing Board meeting on Monday, December 12, 2011. Three Board members were sworn in and the 2011-12 officers were identified.

Janice Rutherford, San Bernardino County Supervisor, Second District attended the meeting to administer the oath of office for three incumbents: Gary George, Paul Gomez, and Lee McDougal. The three were reelected as a result of the November 8, 2011 election.

Paul Gomez is the Chaffey College Governing Board's longest serving trustee, serving since 1990. Both Gary George and Lee McDougal were appointed to the Board in 2001. The Governing Board for the Chaffey Community College District consists of five members. The two remaining trustees are Kathleen Brugger and Katherine Roberts who both were reelected in 2009.

Also, the 2011-2012 Board officers were identified at the December 12 meeting. Gomez will lead the Board as the Governing Board president, with Brugger taking the role of Vice President, McDougal will serve as Board Clerk, George is the representative to the San Bernardino County School Board, and Roberts will serve as Immediate Past President.

Many of Paul Gomez's family and friends were in attendance to witness his swearing in and selection as Board president. This is the fourth time Trustee Gomez will lead the Governing Board. He served as the Board president in 1997-98, 2001-02, 2006-07 and now in 2011-12. Gomez has also served on local, state and national education boards. He served on the Association of Community College Trustees from 2002-2008.

Gomez is cognizant that Chaffey College will face many challenges this year with the budget crisis, and programs such as the Student Success Initiative being directed at the state level. Gomez identified two areas he requests the board focus on. "We need to improve the partnerships Chaffey College has with the local k-12 schools and districts," said Gomez. "I'd also to see the Early Access program expanded," he added.

"I'm confident that this year will be a successful one," stated Dr. Henry Shannon, superintendent/President. "Paul Gomez brings experience, knowledge, and great relationships to the board."

"The members of the Governing Board work exceptionally well together in leading the college," said Shannon. "These five individuals are truly dedicated to our students, faculty, staff and the community; we will see great things happen this year under their leadership," exclaimed Shannon.

The role of the governing board is to directly represent the people of the college's district in determining policies and making decisions, which govern the operation of the district and the college.

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Cut Line:
Chaffey College Governing Board members (LtoR, Lee McDougal, Paul Gomez, and Gary George) took the oath of office on the Chaffey Community College District Governing Board at the December 12, 2011 meeting.

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Cut Line:
San Bernardino County Supervisor, Janice Rutherford, administered the oath of office to three incumbents of the Chaffey College Governing Board (pictured LtoR, Lee McDougal, Paul Gomez, and Gary George).

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