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Retirement Board of Authority

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The objectives of the Chaffey Community College District (CHAFFEY CCD) in establishing a Trust for the pre-funding of its OPEB liabilities is to comply with the requirements of GASB Statements No. 43 & No. 45 and to create a retirement system that complies with the California Constitution and Government Code provisions related to such systems with a Governing Board (referred to as the “Retirement Board of Authority”) consisting of officials of the CHAFFEY CCD.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 – Regular Agenda

Board Members

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Lisa Bailey   Associate Superintendent of Business Services & Economic Development    
Anita D. Undercoffer   Executive Director Budgeting & Fiscal Services    
Kim Erickson   Executive Director Business Services    
Susan Hardie   Director, Human Resources    
Patrick Cabildo   Internal Auditor    

Rev. 4/2/19

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