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Chaffey College Police Department

  Chaffey College
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5885 Haven Avenue
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Chaffey College Police Department

Parking and Traffic

The Chaffey College Police Department is responsible for providing safe and secure parking facilities accessible to all students, faculty, staff and visitors, and to maintain the campus roads, parking facilities, lighting and equipment in a safe operating condition.

Authorization is granted to the Campus Police Department of the Chaffey Community College District by the Governing Board to issue traffic and parking citations on the grounds owned and operated by the District. Citations may be issued for violations of:
  1. Regulations set forth by the Governing Board
  2. California Vehicle Code
Campus Police Officers and Cadets are authorized to issue citations based upon the regulations set forth in this publication. They are not authorized to grant any privileges deviating from the regulations.

Chaffey College, like most colleges does not guarantee a parking space for all students during peak periods and therefore cannot guarantee parking, nor does the college accept liability for damages sustained to vehicles in the use of it’s parking facilities. Please remember that our regulations are for the purpose of protecting vehicles from damage and to insure the safety of all. Irresponsibility regarding traffic and parking regulations may result in a citation, restriction, suspension, and/or towing of vehicle at the owners expense.

Your cooperation in adhering to the college’s regulations will certainly reduce potential safety hazards and assist the Campus Police staff in performing their duties. Any questions regarding parking fees or campus parking rules and regulations should be directed to the Campus Police Office, 909-652-6911

Rev. 6/9/11

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