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Funding Options

  1. The ‘Basic Award’ of Travel & Conference Funding is provided for travel and conference requested by individual faculty or staff members planning to attend a workshop or conference in their own field or area of work, or related to additional responsibilities or duties at the college. The application must include documentation of intent to participate in professional development or training opportunities that will lead to specific applications of what is learned in the individual’s field or work area.

    The ‘Basic Award’ of up to $700 will be made if the applicant meets both the application timeline and Professional Development criteria when reviewed by members of the Professional Development Committee.

  2. A ‘Supplemental Award’ of Travel & Conference Funding will be considered if the Basic Award funding is inadequate to cover the majority of expenses. Supplemental funds are considered if the primary purpose of the applicant’s participation is to receive direct professional development experiences and/or training in subjects aligned with major campus goals as stated in institutional goals and priorities documents and, that the specific experience or training is for the purpose of furthering the specific goals or objectives of the college cited in the Professional Development Conference & Travel Application. Follow up reporting of on-campus outcomes will be conducted in the case of a ‘Supplemental Award.’

    Examples of these priority goals include, but are not limited to:
    1. Campus implementation of the ‘student learning outcomes’ based instructional model.

    2. Faculty training or classified support for advancement in the area of ‘distance education.’

    3. Ensure commitment to diversity and the significant role played by employees of diverse backgrounds.

  3. A ‘Train the Trainer’ Award of Travel & Conference Funding is considered for programs with subjects included in the Professional Development Committee’s existing or projected program of offerings. These requests may be funded to include the full cost of participation. These requests require that the applicants have made themselves available to (or have been recruited by) the Professional Development Committee to become a campus presenter with a specific plan for curriculum development and delivery to Chaffey faculty and staff. A program is available for groups of individuals (2-4 members attending the same or related training depending on the circumstances) who are seeking to become presenters and/or trainers in specific PD programs, individual schools or to meet specific workplace training goals.

Professional Development is committed to providing the most current and relevant information; therefore, printed materials may be revised and redistributed as appropriate.

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