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Participate in
Engage in

  • shared governance, department and college-wide activities

  • fostering and exercising academic freedom

  • sharing pedagogical ideas

  • the community of learning

  • ongoing professional development on and off campus

  • scholarly or creative pursuits



  • students, staff, administrators, and faculty in all disciplines and areas of the college

  • the dignity and diversity of all students

  • the capacity of all students to learn, grow, and succeed

  • confidentiality

  • academic freedom and academic integrity

  • the unique expertise of each discipline

  • the social and physical environment of the college, community, and world


  • students to succeed and reach their goals (transfer, career, certificate, professional)

  • students to have high academic and professional aspirations

  • students to utilize campus resources effectively

  • students to explore new ideas, concepts, beliefs, and their place in the world

  • active learning, critical thinking, and cross-curricular connections

  • academic freedom and academic integrity

  • other faculty to excellence and creativity

  • empathy

  • a culture of success and academic rigor

  • a safe, learning-centered environment

  • the whole student

  • high expectations for students and themselves

  • the capabilities of all students

  • support services, pedagogy, and curricula to meet all students’ changing needs and interests

  • high-hope and growth-mindset thinking

  • sharing ideas and means to improve teaching and learning

  • innovative approaches to teaching, addressing multiple learning modalities

  • lifelong learning

  • professional growth and improvement

  • finding creative solutions to curricular, instructional, relational, and institutional issues

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