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Students may elect to pursue a Pathway to Law School certificate and not meet the other requirements to become a Cal-LAW Scholar. The course requirements are the same for the Chaffey College certificate and for Cal-LAW Scholars.

There are additional requirements for Cal-LAW Scholars. To qualify as a Cal-LAW Scholar, students must also (1) complete the Pathway to Law School Certificate, (2) earn an Associate’s degree and satisfy all major requirements, and (3) successfully transfer to complete their undergraduate studies. Cal-LAW Scholars are also strongly advised to engage in a meaningful law-related civic engagement / public service activity.

Chaffey College Pathway to Law School students and  Cal-LAW Scholars enroll in courses that prepare them for success in law school. The required courses were identified by the State Bar of California’s Council on Access and Fairness based on empirical studies of factors important to lawyers' effectiveness. Students interested in a career in law should also complete coursework for an Associate's Degree and an academic major leading to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Cal-LAW Scholars major in the subject(s) of their choice, while strengthening their abilities in areas that are associated with success in law school and the practice of law. In addition to completing the Pathway to Law School certificate, students must complete all major prerequisites for his/her major as required by the participating undergraduate institutions and must transfer successfully to one of the participating universities.

Participants must at all times be in good academic standing as defined by each educational institution attended; must never be on academic probation or suspension or in violation of student conduct codes; and must at no time fall below the standards of ethics or behavior that would prevent admission to the State Bar of California. Additionally, prospective Cal-LAW Scholars may at any point be removed from consideration under this pathway by any or all the participating law schools for any of the following behaviors as determined by those participating law schools: academic misconduct, unlawful misconduct, employment misconduct, financial misconduct, or any other reasons determined by a law school that would indicate that a student does not appear capable of satisfactorily completing its educational program and being admitted to the bar.


For more information Pre-Law Studies contact:
David Karp, Professor, Business and Business Law at 909/652-6846
Abel Chen, Professor, Business, Business Law, Paralegal at 909/652-6847

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