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ME 1st is a new and special program at Chaffey College designed to help new students start college right. Research shows that students who master their core competencies, like math and English earlier in their academic experience are more likely to complete their program of study and their goals. ME 1st gives you the opportunity to receive privileged registration opportunities for 3 semesters if you have an eligible assessment/placement recommendation for English 475 and Math 410.

Eligible students will be invited to attend an information session, where they will receive further information on the program requirements. Students who agree to take math and English for 3 semesters and maintain a full-time load will be granted early registration, which will help them get all of the classes they need to graduate!


Steps to Enrollment


Submit an application to Chaffey College for admission:


Complete the Chaffey College assessment process for math, English, and reading


Attend a college orientation session offered through the Counseling Department

Information Session

Attend a ME1st information session if you place into English 475 and Math 410

To schedule an information session appointment, please CLICK Online Appointment.

Required Contract

Complete the required contract, which will be given at the information session

Submit the contract to the Counseling Department or at the information session

Make an appointment for your Education Plan session

To schedule an Educational Plan session appointment, please call or email the counseling Department.
Phone: (909) 652-6200

Education Plan

Complete the Education Plan with a Counselor

Earn your early registration date

Register for your classes

Succeed at
Chaffey College!


Program Requirements

Be eligible to enroll in both English 475 and Math 410

Enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 units per semester for three semesters, including Math and English courses.

Meet with a counselor and complete a Student Educational Plan prior to enrolling in first semester courses.

Enroll in and complete both Math and English course sequences as prescribed on Student Educational Plan every semester for three consecutive semesters.

Make satisfactory progress each semester by passing all enrolled classes with a grade of C or better.

Do not withdraw from enrolled classes with a grade of W.

Meet with a Success Guide during the second semester of participating in the program to evaluate progress towards your goal.

Meet with a counselor to confirm major and career choice and revise Student Educational Plan during the third semester of participating in the program.

Students who fail to meet all of the requirements will lose their eligibility for early registration privileges


In exchange for the commitment to this special program, students will receive the following benefits:

Early registration for three semesters

Education planning session with a counselor

Completion of key degree requirements at the beginning of their college coursework sequences


Rev. 7/11/17

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