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Geography Associate in Arts for Transfer

Geographers integrate time, space, and demographics into maps which have both academic and applied values. Geography is an interdisciplinary area of study that interfaces with earth sciences, life sciences, business, and teaching. The field of geography requires that students be broadly based in two major areas: cultural geography and physical geography. These areas form the core of the curriculum. Students may then pursue other areas of concentration.

The Associate in Arts for Geography for Transfer (AA-T) degree is suited to the needs of students who will complete their education at Chaffey College with an associate degree, as well as those students who will complete their Chaffey associate degree and then transfer to a four year institution to complete their bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of the transfer degree in Geography guarantees the student acceptance to a California State University (but does not guarantee acceptance to a particular campus or major) to pursue a baccalaureate degree, in preparation to pursue a career in the field of geography, earth science, geology, geophysics, and various social sciences.

The goals and outcomes for the Geography major include the following:
  1. Prepare students for seamless transfer to a CSU to complete a Geography baccalaureate degree.
  2. Prepare students for advanced studies within the field of Geography.
To obtain the Geography AA-T degree, students must:
  • Complete all major requirements listed below with grades of C or better in each course.
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in all CSU transferable coursework.
  • Complete 60 semester CSU-transferable units using the California State University-General Education Breadth (CSU-GE) OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern.
    No more than 60 semester units are required.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon the successful completion of this degree, students should be able to:
  1. Identify places/locations/countries on a blank regional or world map.
  2. Identify geographic landforms in the field.
  3. Identify major continents, rivers, islands, and other features on a world map.
  4. Recognize various geographic features on a map of North America including major biomes, vegetative regions, rivers, lakes and islands.
  5. Investigate their physical environment and explain how various physical forces shape the environment in which they live.
  6. Discuss and describe the major concepts in human geography including place, space, scale, and landscape.
  7. Assess how all inhabitants of earth are interrelated with the lives of people in other places, thereby creating a greater understanding of the places and landscapes encountered in everyday life.

or requirements for the Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree Units
Required (7units):

Mathematics through Trigonometry  
GEOG 4 Physical Geography 3
GEOG 5 Physical Geography Laboratory 1
GEOG 11 Human Geography 3

List A 6 Units
GEOG 1 World Regional Geography 3
GEOG 3 Geography of California 3

List B 6-7 Units

Any List A course not used above, and/or:

ANTHRO 3 3 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology 3
GEOG 6 Environmental Geography 3
GEOG 10 Cultural Geography of North America 3
GEOG 1 Physical Geology 4

Units for the Major 19-20
plus CSU General Education-Breadth or IGETC Pattern 39-40
plus transfer-level course electives (as needed) 0-2
Total Units Required for Degree 60

Rev. 4/28/16

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