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The curriculum is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills to prepare students for transfer to a university as a junior. This is a two-year program leading to an Associate in Science Degree. Students following this program will be well suited to pursue an advanced degree in Earth Science, Environmental Science, or any related science. This program is equally intended to assist those who wish to teach Earth Science in elementary or secondary schools, those interested in understanding environmental issues, or those who desire an understanding of the Earth.

    Major requirements for the Associate in Science Degree Units
ASTRON 35 Planets and the Solar System with Lab (or ASTRON 26, Stars and Galaxies, 3) 4
    CHEM 9 Health Science Chemistry 5
    ESC 5 Oceanography 3
    ESC 5L Oceanography Laboratory 1
    GEOL 1 Physical Geology 4
    GEOL 2 Historical Geology 4
    Plus 1 course from the following:  
    BIOL 1 General Biology 4
    BIOL 3 California Natural History 4
    BIOL 61 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology 5
    BIOL 62 Biology of Organisms 5
    Required General Education courses:  
    ENGL 1A Composition 3
    MATH 31 Plane Trigonometry 3
    ESC 1 Earth Science 4
In addition to completion of the MAJOR, there are other requirements for the degree, refer to the Chaffey College Graduation Requirement Sheet or see a counselor in the Counseling Center. All courses required for a certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of C.


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