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Faculty in Action

The Chaffey College ‘built environment’ (buildings, ancillary mechanical systems, and grounds) comprises the College’s Living Lab.  The Living Lab provides an additional instructional tool for faculty as well as a unique opportunity for student learning.    Many of the campus systems, both mechanical and environmental, provide hands-on /real-time experiences that improve overall learning and retention.

Hands-on Living Lab experiences are critical to the learning process across all areas of study, and research has shown that students who engage in well-designed laboratory experiences guided by qualified faculty develop high level problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.  Most importantly, sustained investments in Living Lab experiences help to inspire students to further their education, increase their awareness of sustainability, and prepare them for careers by nurturing skills sought by employers.   There is no equivalent substitute for hands-on learning activities when equipment, materials, and nature are used safely to guide and increase knowledge.

Click on the links below to experience how Chaffey College faculty are using Chaffey College’s Living Lab as a teaching and learning resource.

Physics Professor, Dr. Mark Padilla’s, recent use of the Chaffey College Central Plant (chillers and boilers) provides a good example of an effective hands-on laboratory which is significantly advancing learning at all levels of his Physics courses.



Biology Professor, Sandra Collins, illustrates the benefits of hands on learning in her discipline. The Biology department has for many years used the on-campus nature preserve and ponds to inspire learning and reinforce concepts in Biology. Many students benefit from this discipline’s interactive learning experiences.



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