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Funded in part by the Prop 39 Clean Energy Workforce Grant and Sector Navigator
Energy & Utilities (SB1402) Grant




Chaffey College’s Living Lab incorporates the institution’s physical plant, buildings, and landscape as opportunities for experiential learning. Think of the Living Lab as an on-campus field trip where students see campus energy systems in action and observe and interact with the campus ecosystem. Faculty enjoy using the Living Lab as a new and interesting tool to teach existing course curriculum. Explore this webpage and the links to the left to learn more about how Chaffey College ‘s Living Lab supports teaching and learning!


The Living Lab engages faculty in using the campus infrastructure and landscape features as experiential learning opportunities.


Hear from Chaffey College Physics Professor, Dr. Mark Padilla, about his use of the college energy infrastructure as a Living Lab to teach concepts in Physics.  
The Living Lab promotes student success and practical application of course concepts to ongoing studies and careers.


Hear from Chaffey College alumna and current UCR Ph.D. student, Krissy Dominguez, alongside Biology Professor, Sandra Collins, as they describe the benefits of teaching and learning using the college campus as a Living Lab.  
The Living Lab offers a venue for increasing awareness of the College’s commitment to sustainability.


Hear from Troy Ament, Director, Facilities and Physical Plant, and Sam Gaddie, Sustainability and Environmental Safety Officer, about the impactful and measurable energy and resource efficiency and sustainability efforts that contribute to a Living Lab at Chaffey College.  
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