Enrollment and Success Management

The enrollment and success management committee is a dynamic committee, which represents the merger of what was formerly enrollment and growth management and the student success committee. Since many committee members were members in both groups, and since the goals of both committees seemed at least linked, if not identical, the college merged the two groups into one. Enrollment and success management is a large committee with representatives from classified professionals, faculty, and administration. It is co-chaired by Jim Fillpot and Cindy Walker. The goals of the committee are as follows:

  • Provide direction for the Basic Skills Initiative Grant
  • Provide direction for the Title V Grant
  • Manage decisions impacting registration, enrollment, and scheduling
  • Monitor influences on growth and FTES planning

The committee is currently working on a number of deadline changes as it relates to changes in late registration and drop dates, waitlist procedures, and deregistration processes. The committee is also supporting and guiding the college’s efforts to develop and implement accelerated learning deliveries. In addition, the college’s “Completion Counts” agenda and the benchmarks associated with completion counts are being steered by enrollment and success management.