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What our students say…

"The Honors Program benefited me in allowing opportunities to pursue independent research in philosophy and religion under the guidance of my professors; and in requiring community service, develop as a person outside of the academia, adding a "real-life" perspective to my studies. In addition, the honors counseling I received from Susan Starr along with the support of Dorothy Nevarez and the transfers/honors office contributed to my academic and personal well-being. I never felt as though I had no one to seek for help, and for such a reason and those aforementioned, the Honors Program's assistance is exceptional. Due to the Honors Program, I will be finishing my undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley; and feel even prepared for graduate studies."

André José Holguín 2015

"Through the Honors Program I have been offered many countless opportunities to become a competitive applicant to top ranking universities."

Kristen Tuosto

“The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to work closely with professors and other dedicated students. Involvement with this program has helped ensure my academic success at Chaffey, and has undoubtedly prepared me for university level studies.”

Michael Reul

"The Chaffey College Honors Program has been a constant source of academic support. It has given me many new challenges and experiences. I am grateful to have worked with such talented and wonderful students and teachers."

Katie Bishop

"One of the greatest aspects of the Chaffey College Honors Program is the teachers. They really seem to enjoy what they are doing. Their enthusiasm makes us (the students) want to do better."

Grace Conedy

"Being involved in the Chaffey College Honors Program equipped me with the tools needed to meet the challenges of transferring to UCLA. The program provided an academically challenging environment and dedicated professors who were committed to helping me succeed."

Erica Ramirez

Honors Program Staff

Julie Song

Helen Leung
Honors Counselor

Dotty Nevarez
Administrative Assistant II

Ryan Molina
Student Worker

Committee Members
Sean Connelly
Ryan Falcioni
Anthony Guaracha
Bonnie Khaw-Posthuma
Michele Jenkins
Dan Loomis
Robert Nazar
Cynthia Parker
Laura Picklesimer
Cory Schwartz
Carrie Veazey
Matthew Vincent



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