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If you have not already met with a counselor, contact the Counseling Department at (909) 652-6200 to develop an educational plan.


Download the form to your computer.

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Radiologic Technology Program

Chaffey College reserves the right to revise degree requirements. RT Program graduates are eligible for the registry examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606

RT website information is revised on an annual basis. Last update: 9/24/18



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Radiologic Technology Program

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The Radiologic Technology Program

How long does it take to complete the program?
The RT program is a 2-year (6 continuous semesters), full-time course of study consisting of academic/classroom instruction and clinical immersion.

Do you offer night classes?
All RT classes and labs are held during the day, Monday – Friday.

How many hours per week is a student in class?
Students spend approximately 40 hours per week, up to 10 hours per day, in the program including class lectures, labs and clinical hours.

What are the program operational hours?
The operational hours are between 6:30am and 7:00pm.

Can I take required General Education or other classes while in the RT program?
All coursework for Chaffey College Graduation Requirements for the AS degree and all RT Prerequisite courses must be completed OR be in progress at the time of application. RT students cannot take any other courses while in the RT Program.

Why must I complete other courses to apply to the RT program?
The Chaffey College RT Program is a major course of study which culminates in an Associate in Science degree. The AS degree requires completion of general education and other requirements for graduation as specified in the current Chaffey College Catalog. The Chaffey College RT Program is not a community education program or stand-alone vocational training program.

How do I develop an educational plan to know I am on the right track?
New/Returning Students Students who are out of high school and have never attended Chaffey College or students who are returning to Chaffey College after being away for at least one semester (Fall or Spring) will do the following steps:
  1. Chaffey College Orientation
  2. Assessment Test
  3. Education Plan

Am I able to work an outside job while in the RT program?
Successful RT students work no more than 20 hours per week. This allows adequate study time in addition to the classroom and clinical components.

Am I qualified for jobs once I complete the RT program or must I continue my education?
The Chaffey College RT Program includes all coursework to complete the Associate in Science degree and eligibility to take the National (ARRT), and California (CRT) licensing exams and State of California RT Fluoroscopy Permit exam. Once a license is granted, the graduate is eligible for entry-level RT positions.

Does the Chaffey College RT program include ultrasound and mammography training?
Career specializations such as ultrasound, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and mammography require further education beyond the AS degree. The Chaffey College RT program articulates with Loma Linda University and California State University, Northridge for the Bachelor of Science degree.

Does Chaffey College offer a Fluoroscopy course?
Fluoroscopy is not offered as a stand-alone course, although it is included as part of the 2-year RT program.

Program Costs

How much does the RT Program cost?

Will it cost more if I am moving from out of state?
Tuition is affected by residency status. Consult the current college catalog, schedule of classes or for current fee information.

Is there financial aid available?
Financial aid and scholarships are available. Consult the current college catalog or Financial Aid Office for information.

Admission to the RT Program

When can I apply to the RT Program?
Applications are accepted annually during the month of February. The program begins in the Fall term of the same year. Complete application instructions are available on the RT website

How many students are accepted into the program?
The RT Program accepts 28 new students annually to start every Fall Term.

How can I get my transcripts evaluated?
Download and complete a Request for Evaluation of Transcript for Health Sciences Programs form from the RT website. Submit the form to the Counseling Department at the Rancho Cucamonga campus (909)652-6200. Submit at least 3 weeks prior to application period. (This request form must be submitted in order to receive the completed External/Chaffey Transcript Evaluation required for the RT application.)

What Prerequisites are required to apply for the RT Program?
In addition to the college general education coursework and other graduation requirements, there are four (4) college-level prerequisite courses which must be completed with a minimum grade of C or in progress at the time of application.

1) Human Anatomy or Anatomy/Physiology & Lab
      BIOL-20 or BIOL-424 & 424L
2) Medical Terminology
3) Intermediate Algebra
      MATH-420 or higher level math or STAT-10 or SCSCI-10, or as required for graduation
4) Chemistry or Physics
      CHEM-9, 10, or 21/21L1/21L2 or PHYS-5 or higher.
      One year of high school chemistry or physics is acceptable to meet this pre-requisite.

Can I apply to the RT program with prerequisites in progress?
RT prerequisite courses must be completed OR be in-progress at the time of application.

How are students selected?
Transcripts are evaluated by the Counseling Department and the External Transcript Evaluation is then completed. Points are awarded by specific criteria. All applications are reviewed by the RT Program Verification Committee and selected according to descending point order, GPA, date and time submitted.

If I am not selected, is there a waiting list?
The Chaffey College RT Program does not utilize a wait list.

If I have a DUI on my record, will that prevent acceptance into the RT Program?
Applicants ranked in the Top 28 and 10 Alternate Applicants are required to successfully pass a background check. In addition, it is highly recommended that individuals who have been involved in a criminal proceeding or who have been charged with or convicted of a crime file a request for an Ethics Pre-Application Review with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to undergo an early ethics review. Further information is available at and click on the Ethics link.

Why is a successful background check and drug screening required?
The Chaffey College hospital affiliate contracts require that RT students receive these clearances prior to clinical placement. Background checks and drug screenings are commonplace hiring practices within the health care field and other industries.

When must an applicant conduct the background check and drug screening?
Applicants ranked in the Top 28 and 10 Alternates for potential admission will be required to successfully pass a background check. Applicants ranked in the Top 28 and 15 Alternates for potential admission will be required to successfully pass a drug screening as one component of an overall health exam. Those applicants will be provided with instructions and are responsible for all related costs.

What happens if I am invited but unable attend the April Information Session or the June Orientation?
Both the April and June programs are mandatory sessions where valuable information is provided to potential students. If you are invited to these sessions, attendance is required to remain under consideration for admission to the RT program.

RT Clinical Education

How many clinical hours must be completed?
RT students must complete approximately 1950 hours at their assigned Clinical Education Setting (CES). These hours are fulfilled concurrently with classroom lecture and labs.

Where are the Clinical Education Setting (CES) locations?
There are currently eight Clinical Education Settings (CES) affiliated with Chaffey College.

Corona Regional Medical Center, Corona, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 20 miles
Desert Valley Medical Center, Victorville, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 38 miles
Jerry L. Pettis VA Memorial Hospital, Loma Linda, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 23 miles
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Fontana, Fontana, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 12 miles
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Riverside, Riverside, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 23 miles
Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Pomona, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 15 miles
Riverside University Health System, Moreno Valley, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 33 miles
San Antonio Regional Hospital, Upland, CA, Distance from Chaffey College: 6 miles

How are students placed in Clinical Education Settings (CES)?
Our goal is for students to be successful in their clinical setting. A variety of criteria are used to place students in their CES including, but not limited to, geographic proximity and creating a good match between a student's personality and the unique culture and dynamic of the hospital.

General RT Information

What is the starting pay for radiologic technologists?
Starting salaries are approximately $25-$30 per hour in the immediate area. Salaries will vary by place of employment, geographic location, education and experience.

Are there jobs available for graduates of the RT program?
In today's economy, there are fewer jobs available in every industry. In recent months the job outlook in Radiology Technology has increased and is projected to continue to increase.

What is the difference between a radiologic technician and a radiologic technologist?
A technician holds a Limited Permit license issued by and only valid in the State of California and has limited employment settings. A technologist holds an AS degree, is fully credentialed, is eligible for National and State licensing exams and can be employed by hospitals. Graduates of the Chaffey College RT program are radiologic technologists.

Rev. 7/30/18

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