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Major requirements for the Vocational Nursing Degree (S315):

Must be admitted into the VN program before taking these courses.

Note:  In addition to completion of the MAJOR, there are other requirements for the degree.  Refer to the Chaffey College Graduation Requirement Sheet or see a counselor in the Counseling Center. 

NURVN 403 Fundamentals of Nursing 3
NURVN 403L Fundamentals of Nursing Laboratory 2
NURVN 405 Beginning Medical-Surgical Nursing 4
NURVN 405L Beginning Medical-Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 407 Nursing Skills/Clinical Simulation Lab (take 3 times) 1-1-1
NURVN 409 Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing 4
NURVN 409L Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 411 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing 7
NURVN 411L Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing Laboratory 3
NURVN 413 Leadership for the Vocational Nurse 3
NURVN 413L Leadership for the Vocational Nurse Laboratory 2
NURVN 415A Growth/Development Psychology Adult-Geriatric 1
NURVN 415B Growth/Development Psychology of the Child 1
NURVN 417A Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process I 1
NURVN 417B Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process II 1
NURVN 421 Maternal and the Child Health Nursing 4
NURVN 421L Maternal and the Child Health Nursing Laboratory 2
  Total units for the major: 47

Required prerequisite courses:
BIOL 424* Anatomy and Physiology (or BIOL 20*, Human Anatomy, 4 and BIOL 22*, Human Physiology, 4) 3
MATH 401 Mathematics for Health Science 1
NURAST 400** Nursing Assistant 3.5
NURAST 400L** Nursing Assistant Laboratory 2
NURAST 405 ** Nursing Assistant Skills Laboratory .5
NURAST 450** Professional Development for the Nursing Assistant 1
NURVN 401* Foundations of Vocational Nursing Practice 2

*Must be taken within the previous 5 years.
**Students must take the four NURAST classes above, or equivalent, or provide proof of a current California  
State Nursing Assistant Certificate.

Requirements for the Nursing: Vocational (VN) Certificate: (T315)
Same as the major requirements for the A.S. Degree and required prerequisite courses above.

Vocational Nursing Advanced Placement
Contact the VN program coordinator for evaluation of nursing course work. Transfer students must meet all prerequisites for the VN program.

Rev. 3/7/18

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