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Crises Text Line - Need Help? Text COURAGE to 741741
Crises Text Line

Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behavior. While some psychologists choose to focus on research, others choose to focus their careers on applied psychology and working directly with people and communities. Its near universal application -- from counseling and relationships to advertising and business -- makes psychology one of the most versatile and valuable majors in all of higher education. Explore degree programs, career paths, expert resources, and organizations across the country that actively hire today's students of the psyche.

Student Guide to Surviving Stress
Feelings of stress and anxiety are a part of life. Some levels of stress can actually be good for us, as the right kind
of stress encourages us toward change and growth. However, when stress and anxiety exist for an extended
period of time, they can become a burden or even a health risk. This guidebook will help you recognize and
understand feelings of stress and anxiety and learn how to manage them so that they don’t become overwhelming.

Student Suicide
People contemplating suicide or experiencing the depths of a severe depression need to know they are not alone. From teenagers to college students, LGBT to the elderly, people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts need options, reassurance, hope and help.

Student Addiction on campus
The resources provides below can help you learn more about addiction and substance abuse as well as find treatment and help. Each college or university will likely have a student health clinic to provide an initial
consultation for addiction, as well as the ability to refer the student to appropriate help. Most if not all colleges
and universities will also have a student help line that answers questions and provides advice for those dealing
with addiction, and many colleges will have a counseling and psychological services department or division to
help students who are concerned about addictions or abuse.

Student eating disorder
Eating disorders are often misunderstood, sometimes misdiagnosed, and might be kept under wraps so well
that by the time the symptoms are evident, the person suffering has already experienced irreversible physical damage. This in-depth guide explains what eating disorders are, how to spot the signs, the impact of the most common issues, and what treatments are available for those who suffer from these potentially deadly disorders.

each mind
Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement
We are a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to a shared vision of mental wellness and equality. Wellness doesn’t mean we’ll never need help. It means we are proactive, positive and resilient when faced with challenges.

know the signs   know the signs
Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign built on three key messages: Know the signs. Find the words. Reach out. This campaign is intended to educate Californians how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, how to find the words to have a direct conversation with someone in crisis and where to find professional help and resources.

jed foundation
Information from the JED Foundation
Information from the Recovery Organization

Alcohol Awareness Council
Alcohol Awareness Council


Have you been feeling stressed, anxious, sad, hopeless, irritable or unfocused?

Have you noticed a friend who might be feeling this way?

It’s “OK” to answer “yes” if that’s the case. These feelings could be a normal part of the college experience, but they could also be something that requires help to overcome. If you were in physical pain, you’d get it checked out. Mental health is just as important.

Whether you are searching for tips to improve your emotional health, worried about a potential mental health problem, looking to help a friend or interested in becoming an advocate, a great first step is to visit one of our online resources for college students:

half of us
The Jed Foundation's Half of Us campaign with mtvU uses stories of students and high-profile artists to increase awareness about mental health problems and the importance of getting help. Visit to view video stories, learn more about emotional disorders, support others by becoming an advocate and download the My Mood Ring application for your Facebook page.

crisis chat
Lifeline Crisis Chat is a service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in partnersip with CONTACT USA. It is the first service of its kind where crisis centers across the United States have joined together to form one national chat network that can provide online emotional support, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services. The chat specialists are here to listen and support you through whatever difficult times you may be facing.

IMAlive is a live online network that uses instant messaging to respond to people in crisis. People need a safe place to go during moments of crisis and intense emotional pain.

trevor project
Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.

A comprehensive guide to help college students identify common mental health disorders, their warning signs, when to seek treatment and how to manage them.

ULifeline is an anonymous online resource to learn more about your thoughts and feelings, and to reach out for help if necessary. Visit to take a confidential screening, to research mental health conditions or to locate resources on your campus.

affordable mental health

Addiction center

Anxiety Org

Anxiety Org University Stress

Information on Substance Abuse Among Veterans, Link Between PTSD and Substance Abuse Among Veterans, Addiction and Suicide Among Veterans, Coping with PTSD, Overcoming Addiction and Suicide.

Detox To Rehab has information and resources for all those looking for help with substance abuse and addiction. We have an addiction hotline, a find a meeting app which allows users to find a fellowship near them, pages of information on the effects of drugs and alcohol as well as information on the many forms of treatment, and much more.

Addiction Resource LogoAddiction Resource was founded in 2014 to provide a community for those recovering from addiction and to help patients find the highest quality care for a successful recovery. Our goal is to provide resources to help patients and their loved ones so that they may stay on the road to recovery, and can successfully overcome addiction for life. We believe in our ability to help improve the lives of others, and belief is what motivates us to educate and support our readers every day.

If you or someone you know needs help immediately, please call 9-1-1
or dial The National Suicide Prevention LIfeline at
1-800-273 TALK
or Chaffey Student Health 909/652-6331.

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