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Costs and Confidentiality


Student Heath Services is supported by the health fee paid at the time of registration. There is no charge to consult/visit the office staff including the medical doctors and nurse practitioners. There are however minimal fees for additional services such as office lab tests, immunizations and prescription medications.

Health Fee Information

HEALTH FEE: FALL $17.00, SPRING $17.00, SUMMER $14.00

summer 2011 BOGW (Board of Governor's Fee waiver) eligible students will be responsible for all or a portion of the Student Health fees. Please refer to the payment chart below.

Student Health fee-BOGW (A) $    7.00
Student Health fee-BOGW (B) 14.00
Student Health fee-BOGW (C) 14.00

Student Health fee-BOGW (A) $    8.50
Student Health fee-BOGW (B) 17.00
Student Health fee-BOGW (C) 17.00

Student Health fee-BOGW (A) $    8.50
Student Health fee-BOGW (B) 17.00
Student Health fee-BOGW (C) 17.00


Your medical records and all discussions with the Student Health Services Staff are completely confidential. Records are only released with written consent of the student, unless required by law or if there is a concern that you will harm yourself or someone else.

Rev. 1/27/15

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