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Travel costs must be directly related and beneficial to the proposed project. Appropriate costs for travel may include fieldwork, site visits or travel to related conferences and workshops.

According to Chaffey College policy, all travel must receive prior approval. Contact your department chair or supervisor to obtain a Travel and Conference Request Form.

Please refer to the Chaffey College Travel Guidelines for additional details.

Travel includes attendance at workshops, seminars, conventions, conferences, or other meetings, which are a requirement of the position and of interest to the district.
Employees must obtain approval by the appropriate administrator prior to registering or prepaying for any travel related expenses. Estimated travel expenses over $1,000 and/or out of state travel must be approved by the appropriate administrator and the Superintendent/President.

Approved travel and conference requests should be submitted to Accounting Services at the earliest time possible, but no later than 10 working days prior to registration deadlines or any other prepayment deadline to provide sufficient time for processing. The district will prepay for registration fees, hotel, and airfare if the airfare is booked through the district’s designated travel agency. The Travel and Conference (T & C) form must include a copy of the brochure, flyer, agenda or some type of communication which includes date, location, cost, itinerary, vendor name, address, and contact person. If hotel prepayment is requested, include the room rate, tax, and to whom the check should be made payable and hotel address. Also, include a copy of the registration form and/or confirmation number if available.

Employees are required to submit completed T & C forms to Accounting Services no later than 30 days after travel is concluded. Any T & C form submitted after July 15th for prior year travel will NOT be reimbursed. The T & C form must be completed, signed, and accompanied with all the appropriate documentation and original receipts to receive timely reimbursement. Receipts are required for all prepayment expenses and reimbursable expenses with the exception of meals. For liability reasons, all employees are required to complete and submit a T & C form even if there is no cost to the district or a reimbursement owed to the employee.

Salary enhancement shall not be authorized for travel purposes when it would exceed the normal working day(s).


Air Travel

When scheduling air transportation for district travel, it is preferred that all reservations be arranged through the district’s designated travel agency. The accounting office will provide information on the current agency. If an employee chooses to personally purchase airfare, the employee will be reimbursed upon completion of the travel and submittal of the T & C form with all of the appropriate documentation/receipts. The employee shall request a standard or coach airfare. The district will reimburse the employee for one baggage at the standard rate (receipt required). Additional baggage and/or overweight fees will be the responsibility of the employee.


Employees performing authorized travel involving the use of their own vehicle shall be reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS official rate. Employees should provide the district with proof of personal automobile insurance coverage. Acceptable documentation is a copy of the employee’s insurance card. When computing mileage, the shortest distance should be used – between home and the travel destination, or between Chaffey College and the destination. When more than one employee attends the same event, carpooling is encouraged. If an employee choses to use a personal vehicle in lieu of air travel, the reimbursement request cannot exceed the cost of a coach airfare. However, the total cost of transportation will be considered and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Gas and mileage for personal vehicles should be calculated at $0.56 per mile.

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Employees shall be reimbursed when on approved travel and conference for the district for actual and necessary meal expenses for an amount not to exceed $50 a day according to the following breakdown: breakfast $10, lunch $15, and dinner $25. If meals are included in the cost of a conference, workshop or other travel event, the meal reimbursement will be reduced accordingly. No receipts are required for meal reimbursement.


Banquet meals that are an official part of the conference and have prescribed fees which exceed the meal limitation amount as previously designated may be reimbursed at actual cost. No reimbursement shall be allowed for costs of meals substituted for the banquet meals for which fees have been paid.


Lodging shall be reimbursed for authorized overnight travel. Reimbursement shall not exceed the rate for a standard room. Room upgrades will be the responsibility of the employee. Conference/government rates shall be requested upon reservation.


Car Rental/Airport Shuttle/Taxi

Employees are required to use the most cost effective method of transportation. The actual cost of taxi service, shuttle service, and parking will be reimbursed upon submission of completed T & C forms along with original receipts. Reasonable and customary tips are acceptable but cannot exceed 20%. If a car rental is necessary, please provide a written justification upon completion of travel.

Incidentals & Miscellaneous Expenses

Other business related expenses incurred while on approved travel may be reimbursed, depending on the facts and circumstances related to the necessity of the purchase. At a minimum, the expense must be directly related to the travel event. Any additional gratuities that are not previously addressed will be the responsibility of the employee.

Rev. 1/28/14