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Partner Proposals and Subawards

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Partner Proposals and Subawards

Chaffey College may participate in proposal applications with partnering institutions where each of the partners receives a portion of the total award in order to conduct the activities and services detailed in the Program Narrative. There are two situations under which Chaffey College may engage in partner proposals. Firstly, the College may serve as the lead institution. As the lead institution, Chaffey College is the primary recipient of the total award and is responsible for the administration and reporting requirements of the grant. The College distributes grant funds to each partner by issuing subawards. Secondly, Chaffey College may agree to partner with an institution that will serve as the lead institution. Under these circumstances, Chaffey College receives a subward from the lead institution in return for the work conducted by our campus. In both scenarios, the College requires specific documentation for the application.

Chaffey College as the Lead Institution

The following information must be received from each partner institution at least ten (10) full business days prior to the submission of an application to allow sufficient time to finalize the application and forms. While not all documents may be submitted to the sponsor, Chaffey College requires the following documentation to assure compliance with the Government Performance and Reporting Act and the College’s Budgeting Services and Accounting policies.

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  1. Each partner will provide a signed Letter of Intent from the appropriate authorizing official at the partnering institution (i.e. Grants Office, President/Superintendent, etc.). The Letter of Intent documents the partner’s institutional approval and intent to participate in the grant if funded.
  2. The Statement of Work is a one- to three-page narrative which identifies the partner institution and describes the specific activities and services it will perform within a given time frame as a result of the subaward. The Statement of Work will provide a timeline for completion of activities and a schedule for reporting results to the primary applicant, Chaffey College.
  3. Each partner must also provide a detailed Budget and Budget Justification listing and describing all expenditures for the subaward that will be issued if the grant is successfully funded.

Other Partner as Lead Institution


When Chaffey College agrees to participate as a partner with another institution who will serve as the lead applicant, the documents below must be circulated on campus for authorization and signature approval just like a full proposal for which Chaffey College is the primary applicant. In these circumstances, the following documents must be routed for approval and submitted to the lead institution:

  1. Authorization to Submit (internal routing only; not submitted to lead institution)
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Abstract from the Lead Institution
  4. Chaffey College Statement of Work
  5. Budget and Budget Justification


Rev. 8/26/13