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Other Direct Costs

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Other Direct Costs include costs items such as human subject honoraria, consultants, subawards, equipment or space rental, service agreements, rennovations, etc.


Consultants are persons or experts contracted by a grant to perform a service or activity (i.e. expert speaker, external evaluator, etc.). They are not employees of the College but are responsible for performing a portion of the work described in the Proposal Narrative. Paid employees of Chaffey College are not eligible to serve as consultants on grant projects.

Consultants should not be accounted for in the Personnel section, but listed in the Consultant or Other Direct Cost category.

Estimates for consultant costs should be documented in a written quote or letter and include the total cost for services along with a description of the work that will be performed.


Subawards are issued as part of a grant proposal when Chaffey College partners with another institution that will perform a portion of the work on a grant project. Subawards should be included as a line item under the Other Direct Cost category. If more than one subaward will be issued, a total for all subawards (including direct and indirect costs) should be included and the individual awardees and amounts should be described in the Budget Justification.

Rev. 1/28/14