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Ray Cuellar
Resource Development Specialist
5885 Haven Ave., AD 109B
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737-3002
Phone: 909-652-6469

Role of the Resource Development Office

About us

The Resource Development Office is the responsible for the development and submission of grant applications on behalf of the Chaffey College District. Faculty, staff and administrators interested in pursuing grant funding to support college services and activities should contact the Resource Development Specialist who will assist with development of grant ideas and facilitate the writing, internal administrative approvals and proposal submission required by the District and sponsoring agencies.

The Resource Development Committee (RDC) is charged with reviewing proposed grant applications and making recommendations to the Associate Superintendents of Business Services and Economic Development and Instruction and Student Services whether to pursue specific grant opportunities. The Committee is comprised of standing members from Institutional Research and Resource Development, Instructional Support, Economic Development, Human Resources, Budgeting, and Accounting Services as well as annually rotating representatives from Faculty and Classified Senates and Student Services. The RDC meets twice per month to review Intent to Apply forms and provide guidance in the development of active grant proposals.

Other Key Offices and Personnel in Grant Development

Chaffey College Governing Board. All grant awards and contracts must be approved by the Chaffey College Governing Board. When the College receives a notification of award (NOA), the Resource Development Office submits award information to the Governing Board for discussion and Board approval or disapproval. Upon Board approval, Accounting Services will establish grant account and work on a grant, including encumbrance of expenditures, can begin. The Associate Superintendent of Business Services and Economic Development has oversight of the Resource Development Office. The Associate Superintendents of Business Services and Economic Development and Instruction and Student Services approve the general direction and development of all grant proposals. Their approval is required before any Chaffey personnel begin the grant writing process or submit an application. The Associate Superintendents recommend grant submissions to the Superintendent/President. The Superintendent/President is the only person authorized by the District and Governing Board to encumber funds on behalf of the District. The Superintendent/President’s authorization and signature is required prior to all grant proposal submissions. No grant proposals may be submitted without his/her written approval.

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Accounting and Business Services contribute to all phases of the grant development and management processes related to budget and fiscal management. In the pre-award phase, the office work with the Resource Development Specialist and the Primary Contact/Project Director to ensure all budget costs are reasonable and in compliance with sponsor guidelines and College policy. Once a grant award is made, Accounting and Business Services work with the Resource Development Specialist and Primary Contact/Project Director to secure Governing Board approval and establish the grant account so funds can be accessed and work on the grant can begin. During the life of the grant, Accounting and Business Services monitor expenditures and work with the Primary Contact/Project Director to manage grant funds. At the end of a grant period, they work with the Resource Development Specialist and Primary Contact/Project Director to close-out the grant account and generate any fiscal and budget reports required by the sponsor.

Human Resources assist in the grant development phase by working with the Resource Development Specialist and Primary Contact/Project Director to ensure existing faculty and staff effort and benefits are calculated correctly in proposal budgets. Human Resources also ensure classifications and job descriptions for all new staff are in compliance with Chaffey College policy and meet the requirements for all bargaining units for represented faculty and staff. Once an award is made, Human Resources assist in the hiring of all new personnel, reassignment of existing staff and other employment related issues associated with the award.

Role of the Primary Contact/Project Director

Director's chair

The Primary Contact/Project Director is the faculty, staff or administrator who initiates a grant proposal and is listed as the Primary Contact on record on the grant application. The Primary Contact works with the Resource Development Office to prepare and complete all internal approvals, developing the proposal narrative and developing the budget. Typically the Primary Contact becomes the Project Director. In some cases, a grant may require hiring of a full-time director. In these instances, the College will advertise and hire a new Project Director and responsibility for executing the grant activities and services become his/her responsibility. The project Director is responsible for all implementation, management and reporting requirements of the grant as specified in the grant application in compliance with the sponsor’s requirements and Chaffey College policy. Major responsibilities of the Primary Contact/Project Director include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist in the conceptualization, development and writing of the grant proposal narrative and budget.
  • Implement and conduct the project according to the sponsor requirements as stipulated in the terms and conditions in the Notification of Award (NOA) and incompliance with the sponsor’s policies.
  • Obtain sponsor approval for budgetary changes or changes in the scope and objectives of the project.
  • Notify Accounting Services, the Resource Development Office and/or the Chaffey College Foundation of any sponsor approved changes to the budget, objectives or scope of the project.
  • Supervise all budget expenditures in conformity with the approved budget and the College and sponsor policies.
  • Complete quarterly and annual reports as required by the sponsor. Submit original reports to Accounting and Business Services for review and approval. Once approved, reports will be forwarded to the Associate Superintendent for Business Services and Economic Development for final signature and approval then returned to the Primary Contact/Project Director. Reports must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the sponsor’s due date.
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records of project activities and services including milestones, project accomplishments and progress toward reaching the stated goals and objectives of the project.
  • Ensure no conflicts of interest are involved with the project, including subcontracting. Adhere by the College’s policies and applicable laws regarding conflict of interest.
  • Adhere to all pertinent policies and law regarding the stewardship of grant funds to institutions of higher education.
Revised - 10/31/14