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Faculty Accomplishments 2017-18

May 24, 2018

Carol A. Williams-Adjunct Business and Office Technologies Professor

  • Carol A. Williams was a presenter at the annual Alliance for Innovation--Transforming Local Government conference in Tacoma, Washington, (April 3 - April 6, 2018). The Alliance for Innovation inspires innovation in Local Government and connects a network of leaders across North America. Carol's presentation topic was on improving the perception of government by Putting Heart Back in to Public Service. For further information click Alliance for Innovation / Transforming Local Government.

Stan Hunter, Ceramic Professor

  • Stan had a busy month:
    • He is featured in the book, Encircling the World: Contemporary Art, Science, and the Sublime, a publication of the Sandra and David Bakalar Gallery at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His work, Migration Grids, is described as “strong, yet fragile” which allows him to explore the contrast between earth and sky, mass and weightlessness, permanence and ethereality”.
    • Stan was also wrote an article about his work, “Possibilities Cloaked in Hopelessness” in the June/ July 2018, 75th year edition of American Craft magazine. The article is inspired by his work, Homeless Pavilions, two cardboard boxes with contemplative interiors such as a Zen garden and stained glass. With this work, Stan delves into the meaning of home and homelessness.
    • Stan is featured in the article, "From Ragged to the Glazed, the Distilled to the Distressed: A Survey of Ceramics in LA" in the online magazine, artcritical. The article is a review of “Melting Point: Movements in Contemporary Clay” at the Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM). The article states: “That old dog, clay, seems to be pulling off an impressive array of surprising new tricks. While ceramics remains among the most venerable-and stubbornly tactile-of mediums that doesn’t mean that it has been resistant to the conceptual upheavals within the ceramics world of recent decades.”
    • Finally, the aforementioned show, “Melting Point: Movements in Contemporary Clay”, was the subject of a LA Times article, “Ceramic Arts ascends in LA”. The article states. “clay’s standing in the wider art world has never been higher, the LA scene never more alive”.

Misty Burruel, Photography Coordinator and Professor

  • The 30th Annual Spring Photo Show was held at Montclair Place, May 7-May 14. More than 400 photographs from Chaffey College's student photographers were on display. The show included six images preselected as winners in the categories of beginner analog, beginner digital, digital manipulation, advanced, portfolio and commercial. Montclair Place will award winners with a gift card to select retailers.


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