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Faculty Advising

Faculty Advisor

Sarah Cotton
Biology & Pre-Allied Health

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I started my education here at Chaffey College after graduating from a local high school because I was enthusiastic about learning, but was not exactly a “good” student…yet!  I’ve loved biology for as long as I can remember, and thought I wanted to grow-up to be a veterinarian.  With some amazing guidance from a faculty advisor here, I realized that a medical career would probably not make me happy, and that I really LOVED learning; teaching is basically just getting to be a student for a living!  I also finally figured out how I needed to approach my education to be successful.

As I was getting ready to leave Chaffey, my advisor encouraged me to apply for the REU program at the Claremont Colleges.  I participated in a research project studying endangered birds at Camp Pendleton with a biologist at Pomona College.  I transferred to UC Santa Barbara where I finished my BS, and I volunteered at the SB Natural History Museum in the invertebrate department, and worked as a research assistant studying native grassland ecology.  I continued to take classes where I got to enjoy the great outdoors and do field work, and I even started working as a teaching assistant as a senior.  After I finished my BS, I started my MS at Cal Poly Pomona.  My research focused on native shrub seed utilization by harvester ants, but I also really enjoyed teaching as a TA, dabbling in research about learning in the sciences, and working in BioTrek.  I started teaching at a variety of community colleges in the area, and was thrilled to come back to Chaffey when I got a full-time gig here in 2008.  Chaffey is my home and I’m happy to “pay it forward” by hopefully helping students find their passion.

I continue to enjoy learning about a variety of biological (and science) topics, and current research on learning.  The courses I teach most often are Human Anatomy, Organismal Biology, Evolutionary Ecology, and General Biology.  I am an animal lover and have had many interesting pets over the years (dogs, cats, various rodents, a duck, a crow, a crab, fish…).  The animals I love the most are my 2 kids and hubby.  We love to go camping, grow a veggie garden and fruit trees, brew beer, and preserve food…these are all biological topics when you think about it.


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