Faculty Advising Committee

Purpose: To assist in the planning, development, and analysis of both the curriculum and assessment of faculty advising. The curriculum of FA consists of workshops, seminars and activities to train and support faculty advisors, as well as teaching materials and activities for use by advisors in their work with students.


Reports to: Jason Chevalier

Terms of Office: Two years

Chairperson: Co-Chairs Wendy Whitney and Garrett Kenehan.

Members: Mamta Agarwal, Myra Andrade, Cynde Balent, Nicole Barbari, Baron Brown, Maryline Chemama, Abel Chen, Sean Connelly, Sarah Cotton, Christa El-Said, Ann Foutz, Sergio Gomez, Candice Hines-Tinsley, Robin Ikeda, Melissa Johannsen, Elaine Martinez, Karin Nelson, Laurie Pratt, Robert Price, David Rentz and Melissa Utsler.

Meeting Day and Time: The committee will meet on the second Tuesday of each month, except for January, from 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. in the Faculty Success Center (FSC), BEB-204