Enrollment and Success Management Committee

Purpose: The committee will meet on a regular basis to discuss enrollment strategies and make recommendations to President's Cabinet. Building on the work of the State-wide Basic Skills Task Force, this group will be working to conduct an assessment of our Success Centers and other basic skills activities. This will involve matching our existing practices against the 26 "best practices" outlined in the Basic Skills as a foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges document.

Scope: Assess the policies and practices that impact all areas of recruitment and retention, anticipate changes that are likely to affect and/or occur in higher education and persuasively articulate to the college community the need for change within the institution.

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of Office: Two years

Chairperson: Tri-Chairs are Jim Fillpot and Cindy Walker

Members: Ardon Alger, Eric Bishop, Patty Bopko, Isabel Bogue, Angela burk-Herrick, Jason Chevalier, Raymond Cuellar, Ricardo Diaz, Kathy Dutton, Joann Eisberg, John Fay, Jim Fillpot, Joy Haerens, Lauren (Heil) Ensberg, Teresa Hull, Saba Kazmi, Elisa Lewis, Sherri Loewen, Kathy Lucero, Melissa Moreno, Jeff Moser, Amy Nevarez, Karen Olsen, Danielle Pearson, Charles Pratella, Rob Rundquist, Diana Sanchez, Cory Schwartz, Alisha Serrano, Melanie Siddiqi, Vanessa Thomas, Anita Undercoffer, Cindy Walker, Ted Younglove, Kevin Curwin, Matthew Morin, Misty Burruel.

Meeting Day and Time: Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the SSA Board Room (Room 227).