Guided Pathways Steering Committee


The Guided Pathways Steering Committee is comprised of cross-divisional committee members that advance strategies, initiatives, and policies related to guided pathways, enrollment management, and student success through an equity mindset. The Guided Pathways Steering Committee is committed to a student-centered, evidence-based approach that aligns with guided pathways principles to promote a college experience that helps students reach their goals. This committee meets monthly to respond and adapt to constantly changing and emerging issues, needs, and expectations from within the college as well as local and state level government.

Scope: Advance the policies and practices that impact enrollment management, student success, and innovative practices that promote equity and achievement.   

Reports to: Associate Superintendent, Instruction and Institutional Effectiveness

Terms of Office: Two years

Chairperson: Tri-Chairs are Robert Rundquist, Jim Fillpot, and Cindy Walker

Members: Alisha Rosas, Alisha Serrano, Amy Nevarez, Angela Burk-Herrick, Anita Undercoffer, Charles Pratella, Cindy Walker, Cory Schwartz, Damien Esquibel, Diana Sanchez, Garrett Kenehan, Isabel Bogue, Jacob Peck, Janeth Rodriguez, Jamie Buchanan, Jason Chevalier, Jeff Moser, Jeffrey Laguna, Jim Fillpot, Jo Alvarez, Joann Eisberg, John Fay, Kevin Curwin, Laura Hope, Matthew Morin, Melissa Sakoonphong, Mellanie Reeve, Michael McClellan, Misty Burruel, Patricia Bopko, Rachel VanVeldhuizen, Raymond Cuellar, Ricardo Diaz, Ruth Ann Valencia, Saba Kazmi, Yolanda Friday.

Meeting Day and Time: Committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.